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Virgo Weekly Horoscope Readings

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac and one of the most debated star sign out of the twelve. It begins its cycle in the late summer, if you are in contact with a Virgo it is important to understand a few things. Their energy is extremely high being ruled by Mercury the energy is also playful and can swing into low energy at certain times of the year.

Having love for the simple things like the great outdoors, monopoly family they can be extremely good parents and homemakers. In their low energy moments, they can be extremely lazy and have bad habits due to their laziness.

Love and Virgo’s Weekly Horoscope

This sign of the zodiac is constantly seeking affection, attention and sex. It makes them the most likely sign of all twelve to have affairs and stray from their loved ones. Their energy focuses on control, purification and manipulation. Originating from the rule-abiding virgin their complex sense of right and wrong can be extremely hard to understand given their tendency to cheat within the relationship.

Their high standards within a relationship can cause even the most patient and kind partner to literally pull they’re out and move on. It may often feel like you can never please this sign.

Perfectionism is definitely an issue. Within Virgo planetary transit, we often get caught in cycles of “paralysis,” wanting to make decisions to the very detail but unable to make a decision.

Virgo energy is preachy, self-harmful, anxious, overwhelmed, self-pitying, uptight, and critical. Virgo is notoriously painful and their set of high standards are next to impossible to deal with. Virgo rules the sixth house of exercise and fitness, being health conscious and love all things “green” like (from kale to cleaning up the earth) fall under its umbrella.

Virgo Ruling Planet: Mercury

Virgo is very similar to Gemini and is owned by the footed messenger planet, Mercury. In ancient mythology, Mercury conducted requests and tasks at the many commands of other gods. Creating different personas in order to fulfil his tasks. This fits perfectly with Virgo’s ability to multitask and check off their never-ending to-do lists with precision.

Virgo Compatability

Compatible signs with Virgo are generally considered to be Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn.

The least compatible signs with Virgo are most widely known to be Gemini and Sagittarius.

Compatability is generally measured by the sign signs for each Virgo sign. This is not always accurate but give people better information than they previously had.

The reason we use the sun signs is that people generally reflect their sun sign the most.

To fully understand someone you must measure their sun signs with the positioning of their ruling planet. This can be quiet a task at times.

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24 August to 23 September

Practical, analytical, scientific, reserved, honest, researcher, diligent, light-hearted, critical, dependent, meticulous, precise, handy, serious, pessimistic, skeptical, nervous, chemical.

Colors:  Silver, indigo and dark purple.

Stones:  Amethyst, carnelian, pyrite.

Who is the virgin?

The virgin (“Virgo” in Latin) In the zodiac the virgin is the 6th sign. The virgin is an earth sign.Mercury = rius is the main planet of Virgin that stands for cleverness and business. One can sometimes get the feeling that the virgin lacks a sense of reality.

Perfection and purity are things that the virgin strives for. fainting jokes about being a virgin in the sexual sense will not be tolerated. Yet there are similarities between the state of being a virgin and the constellation virgin. The virgin will avoid recklessness, a virgin will wait for true love. a virgin hates dishonesty and revolts and is therefore rarely a man or woman of the world.

The ideals of the virgin

Virgos not only set high standards for themselves, but also for everyone with whom they have to deal. virgins are very complicated and for themselves, the virgins are not easy. due to the strong belief in the ideals, virgins are often disappointed. Many of them can not compromise, they dislike it, yet the virgins themselves know very well that it often cannot be otherwise.

The virgin a lonely perfectionist

The virgin law that perfection and perfection are seldom to be found. Virgos often watch the cat out of the tree for a long time, because they often find people so superficial. They would rather be alone than disappointed, the motto seems to be. the pursuit of perfection ensures that the virgin often remains lonely. Also during a first acquaintance, the virgin is somewhat reserved. Retired and quiet, that is the impression that prevails with the virgin. sometimes it can come across as hostile.

The virgin is rational

It may take a long time before a virgin gets involved in an emotional relationship. First, the situation will be thoroughly analyzed. And then the virgin remains with his mind well. Virgos are very intellectual. Virgos often start looking for their intelligence with other people. virgins are also not looking for superficial pleasure. Of course, virgins also need people and when you meet a virgin it will not be boring, annoying or acidic. Virgos, unfortunately, do not accept people as they are. The virgin will analyze every mistake and where it is possible to punish equally. Virgos like to impress how distant they are.

The virgin and cleanliness and order

By nature the virgin has little perseverance and will not pursue success. The normal daily problems can give the virgin a lot of worries. Virgos are certainly not practical and can hardly save themselves alone. They want people around them that they can lean on and support well. Virgos can kick it if they have good guidance and are stimulated. The virgin is very intelligent and will seize his chances if they do not conflict with morality. Virgos are good negotiators because they can be cool and taciturn. They do not really enjoy their work. the private life of the virgin is more important. working is a necessary evil but will not become a hobby. The virgin will always work neatly and orderly. Virgos are known to be neat. People often never feel at ease in the house of the virgin. Clutter and sloppiness is an abomination in the eyes of the virgins.

The virgin looking for knowledge

However important the home is for the virgins, the maidens love to travel. They have a wide interest. Their inquisitiveness drives the virgins to distant and unknown countries. you will not always see the virgin lying lazily in the sun. the virgin goes out to gather knowledge. after a while, the virgin gets a lot of sense to return home. As soon as they are back home, the virgins will feel like going out again.

The virgin makes high demands

The virgin is always looking for the ideal partner. The less developed virgins often end up in short-lived adventures, which often turn out wrong. That way the virgin suffers the most. If you really want to penetrate a virgin you have to be sincere and honest and then you really need to do something about it. They often place high demands on relationships and also on friendships. Virgos are initially a bit reserved but always make a charming and friendly impression. If someone is in need, the virgin is very helpful. Material matters then play no role. The virgin gives and does not have to go for a performance, and does not need anything in return. The virgin will criticize and blame people who have been in trouble because of their own shield.

Virgos believe in loyalty

Virgos stick to their word and believe in loyalty. If marriage is not mutual in marriage, it can threaten the marriage. If the virgin can issue too much criticism that also causes problems. Passion and romance are not equal to the surface of the virgin. The virgin will not publicly express his feelings in public.

Virgos and the ideal partner

Even in the bedroom, the virgin finds it difficult to immerse herself completely in the intimacy. If the partner of the virgin will do little effort, it may be that it is all very cool. If the partner understands the virgin well, the reward will be great and it will have been worthwhile. Once the virgin has found someone who meets that one ideal image, the virgin will cling to that person. That can be very stifling about it. As a result, it is possible that the virgin gives herself over to that love so that she becomes passive and completely abandons the helm. Until the partner makes a mistake once. The virgin will sprinkle with reproaches. Actually, virgins should develop a little more sense of reality. Only when there is an equal relationship will the chance of success be great with a virgin as a partner. The best partners of a virgin are a bull or an ibex. But the strong lion is also eligible. The virgin does not feel at ease with the opposites and that is the fish, twins, and archers. The virgin is always looking for intelligence, righteousness. that also applies to sexual matters. The virgin is not in for strange sex games.

The diaphragm is a problem zone

Virgos are sometimes Burgundians, they like to eat nice and much. That can sometimes cause problems. the virgin also quickly feels a rising illness and will take the necessary measures. The Virgin can also complain and also exaggerate. Exaggeration is also a bad feature of the virgin. The digestive organs (intestines, liver, stomach) are most astrologically the most vulnerable. That is why the virgin must keep an eye on the diet. The virgin does not find it easy to express herself. This can give nervous symptoms, again in the diaphragm. Virgos who recognize these problems will know how to manage well. If a virgin notices that he is getting too fat, the virgin will go on a diet immediately. If stress is lurking, the virgin will take a rest.

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