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Types Of Psychic Abilities Psych-Hub Offers

There are many different types of psychic abilities, every psychic generally has their own unique way of giving a reading. If you have a preferred type of spiritual healing it is important to ask so we can match you with the right Psych-Hub operator. Your psychic call can be with any style or ability you wish to work with. If unsure just ask the friendly operator. If for some reason you have chosen the wrong reader simply hang up and try a different psychic.

Different types of abilities we offer:

Astrology – is the study of the planets their movements and how this correlates with divine information. Astrology dates back to the 2nd Millenium BCE. Throughout most of history Astrology has been considered an elite an highly difficult field of study for one to engage in, only in recent times has Astrology been thought of as pseudoscience.

Channelling– is where a medium or clairvoyant puts themselves into a trance so they are able to talk to spirits or those in the afterlife. Channelling is a complicated process that requires much explanation, the base being the crystalline plane being accessed with its high density of atomic particles and electrons. The medium then tunes into the frequency and is able to speak with the spirits sought to have a conversation with.

Clairaudience – is the art of listening to voices and tunes in the afterlife. There is a distance between those who have passed and us here on earth a clairaudience closes the gap tunes in and listens to the music and voices and passes the messages back to us physical beings.

Clairvoyant – Clair is a French word, many psychic abilities have been traced back to Europe and much terminology is either English or French. A clairvoyant is able to get the information about your present, past or future by using the extrasensory perception (ESP). A large number of Christian saints claimed to be clairvoyant. Throughout history, their ties to the Christian religion is strong dismissing the myth that clairvoyants are devil worshippers.

Deja Vu – is where someone has prophesied what is actually happening to them right now. When a person is experiencing Deja Vu they have that feeling that this has happened before but are unaware that the great Oracle has sent them the message and they have not remembered and that the message had a meaning.

Dejavu has been studied heavily throughout history and most findings are extremely exciting and positive.

Divination – this is the special ability to be gifted enough to see into the future. Most psychic healers who possess this powerful gift put their powers and thanks to Gods hands saying ” we only see the information and visions through God who gives us this ability”. The Oracle of Amun who was famous due to Alexander the great visited her in Egypt after conquering the country, Alexander the great used psychics on a regular basis.

Karmic Astrology – this does not just mean predicting the future, karmic astrology is much bigger than that. The main difference is the belief in reincarnation, mixed with the belief in Astrology. This was first made popular by Edgar Cayce in 1912 a period called now the Kentucky period. Edgar gave over 8,000 readings throughout his Astrology career.

Mediums– mediumship is to communicate messages between a physical person and a spiritual being. Many studies and researchers have tried hard to disprove mediumship unsuccessfully. The evidence all points towards some mediums being 100% legitimate, however, we all know there are some fake mediums in the industry.

The few best-known forms of mediumship are:

  • A spirit taking control of a mediums voice;
  • A medium hearing the message and report it to the person in session;
  • A spirit taking control of the medium’s body (telekinetic ability);

Out of body experiences– OBE or OOBE usually involves the experience of floating outside of your body. Everyone experiences this sensation in a different way. Many people report being able to see their body while experiencing the sensation. Out of body experiences can be induced by drug use, brain injury and trauma, dehydration and several other factors can induce the phenomena.

Palmistry– this is very self-explanatory with the psychic reading the palm lines in the subject’s hand to help predict what the future holds. This is featured many times in movies, cartoons and on TV. In the industry, the powerful phenomena is referred to as chiromancy. The art of fortune telling through palmistry is common amongst psychics and a skill set most posses, however, this power is not able to be used through reading on the phone.

Psychokinesis– using the mind to overcome everyday hurdles such as flu, work or sporting challenges, this form of power requires belief and repetition. Intimidating a physical being or situation just using one’s mind is the core of this practice many sporting legends have been recorded to be experts and also undergone training that has lasted years in this psychic phenomena.

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