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Taurus Weekly Horoscope Readings

The Taurus is an earth element, ruled by venus it is one of the calmest of the signs (beauty, love, and happiness). Weaknesses can include possessiveness, being stubborn in relationships, overly cautious at times. Strengths will generally include a totally dedicated attitude towards work and love, a loyal friend, and lover as well as extremely supportive when the going gets rough.

Love & Sex with Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Ruled by the symbol of the bull the Taurus seems to have two gears, either flat out full steam ahead or slow and cruise.

If a Taurus is chasing you romantically you will know about it, there is no guessing with this companion. Once in a relationship, they are very calm gentle and patient. If your Taurus partner needs attention they will switch to their fast gear and let you know immediately, making communication within the relationship clear and easy.

At the beginning of a relationship, the Taurus will sit there patiently and wait and assess, weighing up calmly if the relationship has potential. Once convinced and enough good signs have been displayed the Taurus will charge and let you know without any guesswork they would like to become romanticly involved with you.

Taurus is one of three earth elements that also include Virgo and Capricorn.

Venus Ruling Taurus

Venus rules Taurus the planet of beauty, wealth and class. When Saturn castrated Uranus, its blood spilled into the sea and impregnated it. Later the sea gave birth to the goddess Venus.

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Taurus & Wealth Weekly Readings

Taurus is ruled by Venus can be extremely successful when it comes to matters of finance, liking lavish lifestyles they learn early on that working hard can get them everything they want materialistically in this world. With their dashing beauty, it is hard for those around them to say no to there proposals in business. With an acute understanding of numbers owning there own business definitely suites the Taurus best.

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21 April to 21 May

Determined, practical, convenient.
materialistic, generous, friendly, affectionate, possessive, self-indulgent, sensual, artistic, patient, stubborn, creative, reserved, lazy, harmonious, emotional, bon vivant.

Color:  Blue, dark green.

Stones:  Pink quartz, Emerald, Lapis lazuli.

Who is the bull?

Constellation the bull (in Latin “Taurus”) is the second sign in the zodiac. The planet Venus is of great influence on the bull. Venus is named after the Goddess of love, hospitality, and kindness. The bull is especially interested in the good of the earth. The bull has that not only out of curiosity but more to own it. The bull is an earth sign. that also says something about the character of the bull. Love plays a big role in the life of the bull even though it has its ups and downs. The bull will not be unreasonable or whine. It is a real go-getter.

The bull and his career

The bull is pre-eminently suitable for science. That is because of his down-to-earth way of thinking. Often preference is given to nutrition and health education, bacteriology, geology, and biology. The bull likes to deal with animals and plants. If the bull does not make this his profession, he will be engaged in the garden or greenhouse in his free time. Pets or small cattle also belong to the bull. If there is an earth sign in the constellation, it can sometimes be explained as the symbol of egoism and materialism. The bull always works in a harvest-oriented way, but is not a hamster. The bull is not stingy either. The bull loves the good of the earth and wants to share it with others. The bull is very helpful from home, but the bull is certainly not fooled.

The bull is business

If the bull really wants something, then he will do everything he can to make it happen. The bull is a great businessman/woman. The bull will always act honestly and is very correct. The bull will certainly accept his reward or win, but he is not waiting for compliments or cheers. The bull also knows how to handle his assets very well and knows how to invest very well. The bull also finds it a sport to increase his ability. The bull is always looking forward to increasing profits. he enjoys the material very much. The bull also appreciates good wines. The bull is fond of good food and drink, but he will not find satisfaction here. The bull will strive for a beautiful house and as many other possessions as possible.

The bull and his ability

Because the bull has good intuition and self-knowledge, he will easily be able to pursue his goals. The bull is also very patient and can wait well. He will not let himself be bothered by the first setback. If you go to the bull, he will go through the wall. Everyone in the vicinity of the bull will be able to confirm this. It is important for the bull to collect a lot of money, but that will not be at the expense of everything and everyone. The bull does not like too big risks. But there is no obstacle that he can not ignore. He will make every effort to overcome his obstacles. The partner or partners of the bull must be strong and firmly in the shoes because once the bull is under way he will trot very well.

The bull is faithful

even in the partner choice of the bull, he will be business. The bull prefers a rich partner than a poor partner. There is nothing wrong with that because the bull is honest. Also about his findings. If the relationship is balanced, happiness will be endless. both the male and the female bulls are exuberant and proficient in the bedroom. The bull goes completely loose when it comes to the art of pampering and loving his or her partner. Because the bull has a great imagination and even greater perseverance that certainly will also be reflected in love. The bull is very loyal. He can be faithful until his death. The bull will not be able to bear the infidelity of his partner. If the bull alone thinks his partner is unfaithful, he will become jealous. He only has this behavior in love. Not during business or other matters. If the bull feels deceived, he can become vengeful. Make sure you quickly get out of the feet for the bull.

The bull and his family

The bull is not complicated and thinks very earthly. As a result, there is a limited choice of constellations that match the bull. For example, the sober ibex could be an excellent partner. But then there is also the danger that it can become an extremely boring relationship. With the constellations lobster, fish or the virgin it can become a lot more exciting. The chance of a lasting and beautiful relationship is certainly greater. Less suitable partners are the lion and the scorpions. In the family life of the bull, there is a lot of warmth and also happiness. The family is very important to the bull. The bull’s children can never do anything wrong with him. The people in the vicinity of the bull must also be well aware of this.

The bull and his health

It seems that the bull has primal forces. The bull certainly watches his health but is not a sickly type. However, the bull must pay attention to certain disorders. The bull also has weak points. For example, the throat and lungs. He can also have regular flu or a cold. Of course, there is also a positive side. Because the bull has such a sensitive throat, there are very good singers among the bulls. The bull has a beautiful singing voice and is also very musical. Of course, that does not apply to every bull.

The bull is calculating

The bull loves to be in his own familiar environment. He does not really need to travel far away. If the bull still has to travel, he will certainly keep in touch with the home front every day. The bull does not like to leave his house and things behind. Only if he has to travel on a business trip will he do so. The bull is cool and very calculating. He will only go to the bank, for example, if he knows he can make a profit. He will also not be in debt to obtain new possessions. Still, the bull does love and luxury. Ideally, the bull also has its own house, which is of course beautifully decorated and a very nice car that is just a bit nicer than the neighbor. The bull is always looking for new very nice possessions.

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