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Tarot Card Readings

Tarot card readings are one of the hundreds of variations of divination. They are most commonly used to predict the most likely outcome for the person having the reading done.

Taromancy is the terminology used by those who are in the industry and is a sub-category of cartomancy (which is using cards to conduct a reading).

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Tarot readers are often thought of as evil or in some way connected to the devil. This could not be further from the truth as many card readers are in fact Christian in faith. The strong connection to the Christian faith is thought to be due to the reader constantly being in touch with spirits of the supernatural type. With the operator saying many prayers for protection. Most psychics of this type are loving kind people who want to help others live a better life and heal old painful wounds.

The Spreads

This is how a reading starts, the cards are dealt. Each position of every card represents the question asked of the tarot. The two most common are the Celtic cross and the three fates. The three fates consist of three cards and the Celtic cross consisting of ten.

True love spread consists of 6 cards and its wording is exactly that a spread of love. Everyone wants to know about their loved ones and in this spread, this is what you get.

The success spread is a five card spread aimed at informing you of your options regarding achieving your personal goals. Whether it be financial or personal goals it will arm you with the information to make the right decisions.

The spiritual guidance spread, similar to the success spread it is meant to guide your life into beneficial decision-making processes that will see you live a happy and fulfilled life.

Call one of our psychics now. The career path spread will give you only financial readings that your tarot card reader will be more than happy to share with you today. Call one of our psychics now!

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How a tarot card reading can help you

They focus mainly on the most likely outcomes and taalk to you about what feels right and the many different ways to get that likely outcome to become real. Aiming at giving you the client the right information and arming you with the knowledge you might not have previously had access to. If you are in a bad situation it will give you plenty of options that previously you may not have thought of.a

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