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Scorpio Weekly Horoscope Readings

The sign of the Scorpio is the eighth-star sign of the zodiac. Many astrologers get confused with this sign as it can literally mean so many different things.

Its element is Earth and is always calm and relaxed and somewhat mellow in the middle of the most hectic of all situations. Being ruled by both Pluto and Mars can give this sign a false appearance of being up and down whilst in reality, the person is very calm.

Scorpio Loves Attention Weekly Horoscope

Scorpio’s are born strongly passionate people simply they just can’t help being hot blooded. They are winners and do not give up easily in the worst of situations. They will always seek the truth even if bordering on obsessive they will find a way.

 They live and are born to experience and express themselves and their feelings to the world. Their emotions are very different to the other water signs.
Being one of three water signs it can be extremely difficult to guess that the water sign is their true belonging.
Having powerful spiritual healing abilities Scorpios make the best mediums and tarot card readers out of all the star signs.
Excellent detective skills it is strongly advised do not try and pool the wool over this zodiac signs eyes. They will track you down fight out the truth and make you publicly admit your wrongs.
Being also ruled by the planet Pluto their connection to the underworld and all things dark is not hard to miss.

Always be on the lookout if you are this signs lover

To be in a relationship with a Scorpio is a wild ride and amazing journey. One moment you’re up the next your down. Trying to anticipate their next move is a waste of time just try and go with the flow and your relationship will be long-lived.

24 October to 22 November

Strong, thoughtful, sexy, inhibited, aggressive, perceptive, fixed, emotional, inspired, practical, dedicated, trustworthy, courageous, rebel, magician, suspicious, violent, indulgent, stubborn, jealous, someone who postpones everything.

colors:  Black, blood red, anthracite gray

Stones:   Ruby, Garnet, Carnelian, Black pearl.

Who is the scorpion?

Scorpio is the 8th sign of the zodiac. The Latin name of the constellation Scorpio is Scorpius. The Scorpion is also the second water sign. The dark planet Pluto dominates most in the constellation Scorpio. With Mars as co-ruler, the Scorpion shares a number of aggressive traits along with the Ram. The scorpion is known for giving direction and exercising control over his surroundings. The scorpion can be very defensive and has foresight. Scorpions are the most intense, profound and powerful personalities of the zodiac. Even when they seem cool and self-controlled, seething emotional energy swirls beneath the quiet surface. The scorpion is like a volcano under a calm sea surface: you do not expect it,

The scorpion and his work

Scorpions are often very talented and therefore can often excel in most professions no matter how diverse they are. The Scorpion can fully devote himself to a task. Because a Scorpion shows a high degree of concentration and thoroughness, a Scorpion can sometimes appear a bit grim and fanatical. The scorpion has icy self-control, which is why he can become a good surgeon, but also a researcher in science or military fits very well with the scorpion. The analysis and resolution of mysteries also appeal to him. A job with the police or with the detective is made for him. The scorpion loves to do research. The scorpions can also excel in psychology and physics. Moreover, the Scorpio is a true word artist in word and writing. As a speaker, the scorpion can find satisfaction as a diplomat or preacher. If the scorpion chooses a spiritual existence, its inner intensity can express itself in the spiritual passion of the miracle worker. The Scorpion can also be very good alone. Especially when he concentrates on a certain task or problem, he often finds it annoying to have people around him. A Scorpion can often seem a bit closed.

The Scorpion and the love

The Scorpio is a passionate partner and the sexiest sign of the zodiac. Because the planet Pluto prevails in the constellation Scorpio he emphasizes the sexual, strong and dark aspects of the Scorpion. The co-ruler Mars is responsible for the dynamics in the relationship of the Scorpion. The Scorpio is a complicated, strong, proud and sensitive person. His feelings are also not easy to put into words, let alone that they can be explained. If the Scorpion loves someone, then the Scorpion does that very intensely, with heart and soul. It is very difficult for the Scorpion to deal lightly with such feelings. If the other does, he can not easily understand that. The Scorpion feels quite hurt too quickly. Despite the fact that he immediately goes into the attack. Association with his beloved is for the Scorpio a sacrament, an outward and visible sign of an inner and spiritual grace ‘. The Scorpion tends to lose himself completely in his partner. Thereby he can reach the greatest heights of passionate ecstasy, but he also has to watch out for debauchery and perversion, because the Scorpion can become a sadistic monster of sensuality and erotism. The best match for the Scorpion is the Capricorn, Lion and the fish. because the Scorpion can become a sadistic monster of sensuality and erotism. The best match for the Scorpion is the Capricorn, Lion and the fish. because the Scorpion can become a sadistic monster of sensuality and erotism. The best match for the Scorpion is the Capricorn, Lion and the fish.

The Scorpion and its peers

The constellation Scorpio is not for nothing one of the fiercest warriors of the zodiac. The Scorpion Does not lose his temper quickly but this happens, then the person who makes him angry can make it better than he or she gets away: forgotten and forgiven does not come in the dictionary of the Scorpion for. Others sometimes struggle to understand the Scorpio and despite the attraction, friendships are difficult to close. Once the time has come, these friendships will last a long time. But once a Scorpion likes you, then you have a good friend. Some Scorpions tend to dump friends when they are no longer needed, but a more advanced Scorpio will be aware of this and can rise above it. Usually, the Scorpion is extreme and thinks in extremes. Going all the way is a familiar saying. Not always easy for the environment, but with time comes the wisdom and also the reflection.

The Scorpio and his health

The constellation of Scorpio also has points of attention regarding his health. the pelvis, the bladder and the reproductive system, and the people born under this sign would easily suffer from liver and kidney problems, kidney and bladder stones and disorders of the reproductive organs such as priapism. Scorpions may also suffer from boils, fistulas, abscesses, hernias and stomach ulcers.

The Scorpio and his emotions

The constellation Scorpio is all about emotions and feelings. Of course, the Scorpion not only finds his own feelings important. The Scorpio can show a lot of interest in the emotional life of his partner or his family. The Scorpio also thinks a lot about feelings and emotions. Because the Scorpion thinks a lot, he can also be inclined to impose his will on the people around him. He does this completely when he is convinced of his own right.
It is almost impossible to bring the Scorpion to other thoughts. There is very little tolerance with regard to the opinion of his relatives if this opinion is not his.

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