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Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope Readings

Sagittarius earth sign is fire with it’s favored color being blue. This signs best day of the week is always Thursday and is ruled by Jupiter. Being highly compatible with both Gemini and Aries. If you fall on or in-between November 22 – 21 December this is your zodiac sign.

Date range: November 22 – December 21

SAGITTARIUS is known for the dramatic swings between strengths and weakness similar to the Ying and the yang they can be perceived as polar opposites. They will say anything, over promise under deliver, being extremely impatient and undiplomatic.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

The Sagittarius loves freedom, travel, philosophy and the great outdoors. Exploring and finding new things is second nature to this star sign.

The Sagittarius hates being associated with clingy people, being held back or physically restrained they are born to be let to run free. Always on the move, they are naturally born travelers. Out of all the zodiac sign, this one is most likely to fall in love with the psychic world and indeed become a reader themselves.

Having the ability to act on their thoughts and create something real they can very easily become amazing businessmen. Once they have found their place in the financial arena they can be a strong force to have on your team. They are open-minded and very excepting and sometimes a little too trusting, however in business, this is not present.

Their love for humor makes being around them almost irresistible and the male Sagittarius is clung to by almost any women who is brave enough to spark a conversation. Their love of being free can make it extremely hard for other star signs to have a relationship with as they are witty when trying to evade being tied down.

Who A Saggitarius Loves

A Sagittarius loves signs that are calm patient and who will not turn needy and let them drift and travel. The partner needs to understand this sign otherwise there is no hope of a successful relationship. To love a Sagittarius is a gift from God and you should be truly thankful they have entered your life especially if you are Taurus.

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23 November to 22 December

Philosophical, religious, just, hurried, optimistic, bold, loyal, athletic, restless, attentive, frank, sincere, devoted, generous, unstable, spirited, gambler, tourist.

Colors:  Denim blue, bronze and beige.

Stones:  Turquoise, amethyst, citrine.

Who is the archer?

The archer (in Latin “Sagittarius”) is the 9th sign of the zodiac. The archer is mainly under the influence of the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is named after the supreme god of the Romans. The archer is a fire sign. The archer knows well what he wants and lives very deliberately. The archer has unlimited confidence in fellow man. That is because he assumes that everyone is like himself.

The archer is an adventurous type

The archer makes his life a great voyage of discovery. But before he has discovered himself, it takes a long time. Because the archer is rather unsuspecting, he does not notice that other people are more calculating. The archer likes to travel but also likes to travel in his dreams and fantasies. He can also be tireless. The arrows of the archer stand for goals, desires and ideals. The archer is adventurous in all respects. You can not easily surprise the archer with something. The archer knows unconsciously that everything can cross his path. But the archer is attentive and sees everything, but the archer also has a sharp tongue. That sharpness is only verbal. The archer is not violent at all. He will also not try to hurt or touch the weaker. He will rather stand up for the weak among us.

The archer and his sayings

The archer is an optimist and a good speaker. The archer’s stories are always nice. If there are disagreements with the archer, he may come across roughly or very bluntly. Often the archer does not even know that himself. Because the archer is so astute, he will flawlessly expose the weak spots to the enemy or his opponent. He is not always thanked for that. The honesty and openness of the archer can often cause some confusion. Despite the good intentions of the archer, his statements are sometimes shocking. It would be good if the archer would think about it before he says everything. With an archer in the neighborhood, you will not get bored easily.

The archer and the love

The archer is always looking for soulmates. Love has something elevated for the archer. The archer finds the spiritual contact very important. But the physical also gets a lot of attention. The archer’s love game will not be boring. The archer is a real hunter. He goes purposefully on his prey. The archer will always handle the spoils well. Yet hunting is in the blood of the archer. He will not shy away from a new yacht or a new adventure. The archer simply loves adventure and will always ensure that the tension remains. If there is no more tension the archer will start hunting again. Despite that, the archer is very loyal to the people he loves. The archer remains the first place true to himself.

The archer is free-spirited

The archer finds it easy to make personal contacts. If you need support or advice, then the archer is the right person for that. He can listen and observe very well, that is also his strength. Of course, you can also expect sincere and good advice from the archer. He does not always want to listen to the opinions of others. The archer is free-spirited. He does not need the advice of others. If the opinions and sermons of others start to bore him, he can honestly but often very tactlessly come across. Because the archer is honest, he will steal the hearts of many. The archer can lie badly.

The archer and nature

The archer has a great love for nature. Far-reaching interventions in the natural way of life the archer dislikes. There are a lot of archers active in ecological land and horticulture. The archer also has a great interest in astrology and anthroposophy. A job that has something to do with nature appeals to the archer. Forester, agronomist or farmers are professions written on the body of the archer. Everything that has to do with nature appeals to him. He also wants to commit himself in the third world countries if that can help to preserve nature. If the archer does not have the opportunity to find work that has something to do with nature, he will often start his own business. You will find a lot of market traders under the archers.

The archer on the trip

The Archer loves to travel. He also loves to accompany tourist groups. The archer does not like that mass of tourist spots. He prefers to go on safari in Africa or a trip to the North Pole. Here, too, the archer searches for nature again. The archer likes to travel together. He would like to take his partner on his explorations. If the archer does not have a suitable travel partner, he will also go out alone.

The archer and his health

The archer is usually very strong verbally. He can come across as shocking and vicious with his words. Especially when the archer is cornered. Then you better beware because he can be merciless. Most archers have a strong constitution. The weak spots of the archer are his organs. Alcohol can be a very big culprit. He will have to be very careful not to talk with alcohol. Only the very strong archers can resist the temptation. The archer must, therefore, pay attention to the signals of his body.

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