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Psychic Dreams

Many people all over the world have psychic dreams! Having one of these dreams do not mean you are insane, going crazy or anything negative in nature. It can be as simple as a person having natural psychic abilities or the great Oracle trying to pre-warn you of an event that might be harmful coming your way. Our subconscious may be in touch with the spiritual realm and we have a natural talent for dream prophesy while we are asleep.

Through dreams, we can actually predict what will happen in our future and sometimes for the future of those around us. In our dream state (astral body) our subconscious lets go of physical reality and enter the spiritual realm in which it experiences freedom and harmony.

Three types of dreams:

  • Precognitive
  • Telepathic
  • Clairvoyant

Precognitive- this is where you see a part of your near future while dreaming. Often this dream is charged with energy and comes true i,e a person dreams about winning the lotto and the winning numbers appear in their dream, then they buy a ticket using the numbers they dreamt of and they win.

Telepathic-  where we have dreamed of touching an object, person or spirit and moving the object or talked to the person. It is believed by some in the psychic community that psychics with only the greatest powers are able to touch other’s mentally and enter there subconscious and implement positive or negative thoughts or images.

Clairvoyant– these dreams often come in the form of late memory, meaning that a person will not remember the dream for many days after but when they do remember the dream it is a similar experience to Deja Vu. Often in clairvoyant dreams, there is some small piece of evidence

Psych-Hub Our Dream Psychic Experts

At Psych-Hub we have a vast range of dream interpreters, it is important to read our listed psychic page and read their profile carefully to find which psychic is able to fully interpret your dream. Each operator listed will have different skills, while dream interpreting is a common skill amongst psychics it is highly important to choose an operator with this skill as not all clairvoyants practice in this area.

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Dream Interpreting Over The Phone

It is 100% real, some psychics can easily interpret your dream over a phone call. Simply pick up the phone and call now, if you have just woken up from a dream it can be important to write it down so you remember all the details that may have bothered you. Waiting till the evening, next day or days later can make the small details hard to remember, sometimes our email reading service can be great for a dream interpretation as it allows you to re-read your notes and also allows our psychics to read the dream several times.  Call some of the best phone psychics in Australia today.

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