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February 19 to March 20

Emotional, susceptible to impressions, hypersensitive, romantic, figures itself away, dualist, receptive, sympathetic, devoted, idealistic, dreamer, philanthropist, intuitive, little practical, indolent, erratic, indecisive.

Colors:  Mauve, purple and aquamarine.

Stones:  White Opal, jade, pearl, and amethyst.

Who is the fish?

Constellation the fish (in Latin “Pisces”) is the last sign in the zodiac. Just for convenience, we say the fish. The fish is one of the 3 water signs. The fish is someone who is often inscrutable. For the outside world, the fish is rather colorless and not really communicative. The fish will not quickly expose and it often takes a long time before you get to know the fish really well. But once you get to know the fish well, you can keep a good relationship or friend. That is, of course, if the fish wants to. Yet it is certainly not the case that the fish is superficial. It can amaze you again how the fish can think and can talk.

The fish is sensitive and chaotic

In practical terms, the fish can be rather sloppy. It seems that the fish does not always have a good grip on its living conditions. The fish often finds earthly life rather heavy. The fish also knows how to make a chaotic life out of daily worries. In this way, they can sometimes lose track of from time to time. But if you can motivate the fish, its performance will be great. The fish finds it difficult to accept if something goes wrong. The fish will also not swim against the current quickly. He does not do that by nature. The fish does not often have its own opinion. They are also very easy to influence and do not quickly give their own opinion. They are also often too confident and almost everyone believes. But the common sense of the fish will quickly show that not everyone can be trusted.
Fish are sensitive people and are introvert and very vulnerable. That is why the fish often retreats a bit. He only does that to protect himself. If the fish receives bad news, it can be totally out of the question.

The fish is friendly

The fish has a nice character and is pretty friendly to everyone. The relatives of the fish feel comfortable and welcome around him. The fish is actually not really cold-blooded. Fish have expectations especially for themselves and want everything to run as they have imagined. This is often not a realistic picture at all. The image that the fish has in mind may also clash with reality. If the fish experiences a lot of setbacks, it will totally upset him. it will also give an inferior feeling. A good friend or the relatives of the fish can then pull him out of the pit. The fish is grateful. But that does not take long because there are new unplugging and new disappointments.

The fish is attractive

The fish has an enormous attraction to the opposite sex. Fish-men will be attracted to very caring and understanding partners. Fish women have something endearing and tempting. But often the relationship is short-lived. Usually, it is the fault of the fish itself. The fish spend their entire lives engaged in romances and adventures. The fish must know that he plays with fire. It is possible that the partner of the fish does not accept this. If that happens, the fish will be completely out of the field again. If the fish live in good family life, the relationship can last a lifetime. But that of course also depends on how much the partner of the fish has an understanding. The partner of the fish will then regularly have to respond to the lust and the erotic romances of the fish. The fish is rather romantic than that it revolves around real sex. Pisces are almost always looking for Neptune. (That is the God of the Sea, and that is the name of the planet that governs this constellation) With a tight hand, Neptune should lead the fish. In the love life, the fish could also be led by partners like scorpion, ibex or bull. The virgin and archer are rarely a match of the fish.

The fish and his health

Fish are not easily ill but are sensitive to, for example, diseases of the blood vessels, eyes and feet. The fish sneezes a lot and often suffers from allergies. Fortunately, the fish is sporty and has a lot of physical activity. That prevents many ailments. It usually takes a little longer before the fish is completely fit again after a disease. Yet the fish can grow old in spite of everything.

Are fish lazy?

The fish is often unfathomable. That is, of course, different from cold-blooded and cold. Fish are sensitive people, somewhat introverted but often very fascinating. In practical matters, the fish are rather sloppy because they do not have that much grip on their living conditions. Fish know quite a mess of it and therefore also seem lazy and lax. If you know how to stimulate the fish, he will be able to fully commit himself and he will go for it. But there is not much to sit against and then the fish can fall back and retreat. Then the fighting spirit is lacking on all sides. Pisces can hardly accept that something can go wrong. Fish also live according to their own expectations. They also expect everything to run as they had thought. But those expectations are often their own promptings and not always very realistic. Fish are sometimes a little bit strange. Actually, the fish themselves suffer the most from it.

Fish and criticism

If the fish withdraws, the most beautiful things can arise. It is advisable for the fish to finish the business well before he comes here for the day. If the fish appears too hasty with new things, he will get a lot of criticism. That is something that fish can only handle very badly. A fish can get an inferiority complex there and retreat completely. FISHing is a very involved person. They are also really interested in their fellow man. Caring professions are good for the fish. The fish should not take too great a responsibility, which can be rather confusing for him.

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