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Numerology is the belief of a mystical relationship between a number and event in life, there have been many studies on the subject which has varied results. Number 1 through to 10 all has different meanings in the practice of numerology.

The word numerologist is used for those who believe this phenomenon is real and can positively affect peoples lives if they use this art to help guide there life. The practice is ancient dating back to medieval time’s, kings, queens and the wealthy have been recorded in history to have full-time numerologists working for them.

What Each Number Means In Numerology Readings

  • The number 1- those people falling into this category are thought to be independent and self-motivated;
  • The number 2- people generally love having others around them and do not like being lonely;
  • The number 3- these beings love talking they are the kind of people who are the life of the party;
  • The number 4-these people love being at home and snuggling their partner in front of a warm fire, they are great at lovemaking and are amazing in relationships;
  • The number 5-love to be free and love adventures and being outdoors and can be thrill-seeking inclined;
  • The number 6-enjoy being nurturers and looking after others, they make amazing parents and caregivers;
  • The number 7-are amazing thinkers and love a puzzle or a mental challenge;
  • The number 8-are independent and like to do things their way, they can be extremely stubborn but are great problem solving;
  • The number 9-these humans are control freaks and love being the center of attention, out of all the numbers this is the number you don’t want to be in a relationship with;

Chinese Numerology

Chinese numerology, this system is huge over in China seeing thousands of Chinese citizens living by this system. It is not uncommon to see in Chinese casinos hundreds and thousands of dollars being gambled upon by the locals totally sticking to this particular method. Chinese numerology is ancient and has ties back to the great Khan of Mongolia who nearly conquered the world, it is used frequently by psychics in Australia and all over the world.

Telephone numerology in Australia is not hard to access, at Psych-Hub we have 13 different operators who are highly trained in providing you a reading using this system. A number can be mixed together i,e 1234 to give a completely different mean than 1342. To find out what the numbers in your life mean give Psych-Hub a call today.

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