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Leo Weekly Horoscope Readings

Leo is an amazing star sign of the zodiac. It is the fifth astrological sign of the Zodiac coming from the constellation of Leo and directly after cancer. and before Virgo. It is a fixed star sign along with Taurus, Scorpio & Aquarius belonging to tropical zodiac. 

They love being the center of attention in almost every way it is next to impossible not to see them if they are anywhere near you as they are loud and flamboyant. Their ambition carries them a long way and drives their self-determination into many different directions. They can be extremely creative and often have careers in the arts. To see the famous and in movies, stage shows etc is not abnormal you simply can not miss them.

A kind heart mixed with a generous soul makes them one of the best signs of the zodiac to be around they are always giving. They expect love in return and will, in general, walk away from people who are not prepared to give the love back.

The lion symbolises king of the jungle, they tend to also be very strong and fierce when it comes to protecting their loved ones. Letting them lead can often be a great move as Leo’s love to take initiative and be a driving force. The Leo can be extremely stubborn and set in their routine making change for them extremely hard. If you don’t like a Leo for how they are it is best of not to enter a relationship with one as simply they don’t change.

Leo’s & Love Weekly Horoscope Reading

To get inside their hearts it is important to be an honest good person any trickery will be harshly punished. It is better to be exactly who you really are with a Leo than get caught out at a later date.

To attract a Leo generally, you will have to be extremely good looking or intelligent as out of all the zodiac signs this star sign has a massive choice of whom they will choose to be intimate with. Although Leo’s are not known to cheat in general they are known to have many chasers who will pretty much do anything for their attention.

Wait for the planet Mercury to be lining up with Venus and then let your intentions be known their strong connection to both planets means timing will be of the utmost importance in your approach to an intimate relationship.

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24 July to 23 August

Generous, aggressive, exploiter, confident, energetic, enthusiastic, generously ambitious, haughty, affectionate, devoted, organizer, arrogant, dictatorial, conceited, outraged.

Colors:  Ocher and goldy tones.

Stones:  Yellow topaz, tigereye, ruby, milky yellow amber.

Who is the lion?

Leo (“Leo” in Latin) is the 5th sign of the zodiac. also called fire sign, under strong influence of the sun. In the animal kingdom the lion is the king, from the constellations the lion is the ruler of the zodiac. lions have infinite sources of energy. Usually the lions are healthy and very strong. Lions have a 5th place in the zodiac but consider themselves number 1 in their environment. The lion does not lack self-confidence. The lion is self-aware and strong in life.

The lion as a born leader

Lions hardly know self-doubt, they can afford to be generous to their deprived. For people in trouble the lion will be warm and generous. A lion can not stand injustice at all. The lion is a real leader and will take control in every situation. Leadership is just a second nature for all lion’s. the lion may seem authoritarian, but in fact has a friendly and benign character.

The lion is a vain thing

Another side of this constellation is vanity. The lion can be quickly grasped when the lion is confirmed in its greatness. The lion loves to hear that he is great and tough. The lion can sometimes be played as a child. This can also make good abuse of the lion. Because of the lion’s extensive knowledge of human knowledge, this is never possible for a long time.
Lions can also be tricky and busy. The lion is also extrovert and exuberant. self-confidence and self-esteem are big enough to come out. A lion can be very bad if no attention is paid to him. In those cases, the law will start to attract attention and eventually start to play the boss again. that can often irritate the people around the lion.

The sense of generosity and cordiality prevails among the people around him. then one is not afraid of the lion, although the lion roars occasionally. If you can approach the lion in the right way, the lion will be tame.

The lion likes to steal the show and to go out chic. The lion does not pay enough attention to the line, health, and his wallet. The lion wants to spend a lot of money for the outward show. The lion usually knows enough to earn but will often quickly get through the earnings.

The lion goes for the top

Lions are hard workers. They also have a very clear mind and a good memory. Because of this they also build up a lot of knowledge. The lion takes the real challenge from a managerial position in which the lion has many responsibilities. Although the lion likes to steal the show, they do not have the greatest potential in culture. There are of course quite a few lions who are kicking it to great poets or lyricists. A business career fits better with the most lions. there they also reach the top, if they are not blinded by their own vanity.

The lion has a striking taste

The lion has a lot of money for beautiful things. The lion not only has a good taste but also often a very expensive taste. Just like with the interior of his house, as with fashion, the lion follows his own taste. The lion has a striking taste. The world of the lion will never look boring.

The lion and his passion

The lion never has to complain about interest. In love, the lion has a certain X factor. the lion is best in for an exciting sex adventure. If that has to be accompanied by a lot of effort and a lot of money, she will be a concern. If the lion wants to court someone, it will not happen unnoticed.

Lions find their partners in all constellations. Only with the Capricorn can problems arise. They almost come from another world because they are so idiosyncratic. In love, the female and the male lions are very fiery. Hartsock plays an important role in the life of the lion. When a lion falls in love, he often finds all other things unimportant. In the rush of falling in love, they can do things that they sometimes regret later. The lion often lets itself go. If the lion comes across someone who wants a short-lived adventure, it will hurt the lion. In marriage, his infatuation will not last forever. If the lion ends up in a subordinated position, he becomes narrated. Exaggeration, fattening, and grandeur are certainly lurking.

The lion as a fascinating partner

After a conflict, the lion can still develop as an interesting, ideal partner because of its sparkling spirit, noble character and aristocratic appearance. The partner will then have to submit more or less to the lion. The lion is not too happy to be spoken to. The lust of the lion usually stays within limits, but sometimes the lion can turn into a real house tyrant.

In love, the lion is even more sensitive to flattery than in business life. The lion is easy prey for the decorators. But due to damage and shame, the older lion will always become wiser. The married lion must exercise his self-control. It is giving and taking in marriage.

Archers and rams are the best partners for the lion. The lion can also find it best with twins and scales. There he will balance. Aquarius, scorpions, and bulls must be careful with the lion. And the ibexes completely.

Rest is important for the lion

The lion has a lot of self-confidence and is able to cope with great efforts. Still, lions who do not take enough rest can suffer from high blood pressure. A heart condition can then lie in wait. This is partly because the lion loves good and lots of food. Yet the lion is often very old. The lion is often very healthy and strong. Back, kidneys, knees, and heart are sometimes weak spots. The lion demands a lot of himself. the lion must realize that he must rest on time otherwise the lion may suffer from the aforementioned ailments, despite his strong will and endurance.

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