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Gemini Weekly Horoscope Readings

The Gemini is an air sign who is also ruled by Mercuri. A Gemini’s strength is generally, warmly affectionate, kind and giving.

This Zodiac sign is also known to be fast on their feet and amongst peers is known as the comeback king. Being highly sociable and always ready for fun they are not quite the life of the party but are extremely good at being that person who organizes an amazing party.

Sex & Romance Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Fun, ready and generally beautiful sex & romance with a Gemini is meant to be the best out of all the star signs. Known for their passion in bed it is a given that you will never get bored or feel neglected. Known for their loyalty they are the type of partner you never have to worry about.

Verbal communication is extremely important and the best way to turn on your Gemini lover is to simply talk to them. Sometimes they may struggle to hold an emotion so regular maintenance is necessary, you must check in daily and make sure you have a life that is not homebound but full of small, interesting adventures.

Circling the sun it is their normal state to be the center of your attention when they move it is fast, sharp and hard. They do not mean to make you feel left behind but when these turns happen it is important not to sulk but to follow their movement.

Family & Friends

Family and friends are extremely important to a Gemini and it is said to never cross the ones they love, as it is known they will fiercely defend their close ones. Having an abundance of friends and social contacts a Gemini is never short of an ear to lean when they are going through hard times. The same goes for friends as lovers if the friend is dynamic and constantly changing they will make sharp, fast turns and quickly lose interest.

How to attract this sign

If you’re wanting this star sign as your lover you must be willing and able to turn the sharp corners within the time frame the Gemini demands. Keeping conversation fluid and dynamic with an ever-changing subject of conversation will keep the Gemini’s attention on what words will be next.

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Gemini – 21 May to 21 June

Compliant, versatile, restless, fickle, sensitive, sociable, eloquent, chatter, cool, impatient, indecisive, superficial, neutral, alert, intelligent, smart, expressive, mediator, diligent.

K leur :  Yellow, light green.

Stones:  Citrine, Amber, Tourmaline.

Who are the twins?

The twins (In Latin “Gemini”) is the 3rd character in the zodiac. The name twins are derived from the demigods Pollux and Castor from Greek mythology. Two bright stars have also been named after these two demigods. The twins are under the influence of the planet Mercury and are an air sign.

Twins and changes

The character of the twins can be described as versatile. It is a positive characteristic of the twins but can also lead to contradiction and sometimes chaotic statements. The twins have a clear mind, Also the twins have a cheerful character. The twins will quickly see complicated situations but will sometimes also draw conclusions too quickly. Because the twins have fast adaptability, that will often work to his advantage. Twins like changes. Changes in work, relationships and residence are common among the twins. The twins know how to adapt very quickly everywhere. The twins have an airy character and do not always take life seriously. The twins have good manners and can also have very interesting conversations. The twins are a satisfied person and are also very charming. The twins also always manage to achieve what he wants. But then he should not let his chaotic character prevail. You should not be surprised if the twins suddenly turn into a completely different path. The twins also effortlessly go over all the objections.

Twins are status sensitive

The twins are always out for recognition. He will literally do everything to get that recognition from the outside world and always wants to show that he is doing so well. The twins love to show with their new clothes or jewelry. But the interior of his house or the new car there can also brag about the twins. For the outside world, the twins are balanced and satisfied. But if the urge to prove itself is too big, the twins will feel anxious and start to doubt. then he can suddenly throw the helm completely. Because the twins can seem so versatile but also airy it can happen that he can not concentrate. The twins are often busy with too many things at the same time. As a result, things sometimes fail.

The twins and his work

The twins are very stubborn when it comes to obstacles in his career. The wise twins will look for a permanent job. He will flourish in the bigger picture. The twins can also work well together. The twins are in possession of a lot of people knowledge and good communication skills, so he always knows how to keep himself well. He can always be more beautiful than he is especially in work. He can not keep hiding behind all those nice sales talks.
Sometimes the twins can fall through the basket during a deep conversation. Then the twins know how to give a twist to the story again. Usually, that works. The twins always remain neat and do not become rough or vulgar. The twins will always stay correct for the outside world. He will not easily argue with someone else. He really hates that. He always needs people around him to show off and impress the people around him. The twins are always understanding for his fellow man. Where he can, he will help the people around him. But only if it suits him at that moment.
The twins should not have a liberal profession. They often dare not take responsibility and find it difficult to look ahead and invest in the future. A twin who dares to work as a self-employed person can best find a partner he trusts. On his own, the twins will have little chance of success as a self-employed person.

The twins and his partner

Twins are true charmers. But the twins are a little superficial in love. The twins prefer to avoid future-oriented relationships. The partner of the twins can not expect much from him because they are unpredictable. It will be a constant compromise if you are married to a scale. Much tolerance will be expected from the partner of the scale. In love, it is clear that the scale really has two different characters. Sometimes they are very lukewarm lovers and then they are passionate and passionate again. As a partner of the scale, you will have to wait a lot of patience to be able to get through well. So be warned if you choose a new partner. What would be a good match for the scale is the Aquarius, lion or scales.

Are the twins loyal?

If the relationship of the twins is exciting, the twins can remain loyal for a long time. In doing so, they will train themselves in self-control. But beware, the twins are a charmer and a real adorner. They love to go on the decoration tour but the attention does not stay with anyone for long. Yet there are also some positive aspects to a relationship with twins. They are great controllers and can organize well. They also organize the household to perfection. The children of the twins receive excellent guidance. the sex life of the twins must be exciting and varied. If that is not the case, it quickly loses its shine. The great interest in sex and romance can make the partner of the twins very insecure. It can drive the partner to desperation if the twins are looking for it outside the door.
The twins love to travel. Especially to exotic countries, that really appeals to him. There, too, he can fly from a romantic meeting to another romantic encounter. The twins will experience this wanderlust until old age.

The twins are cared for

The twins always look neat and elegant. The twins find it very bad when he is mocked. That is why he will never take great risks with his appearance or clothing. The twins will never look extreme or choose exuberant colors for their clothes. Also in the twins at home, you feel the elegance and civilization. It all looks excellent and it will never be a disorder. Even at the work of the twins, everything is neat and orderly. As the twins themselves, he also expects his loved ones. Orderliness and cleanliness around.

The twins and his health

Generally, twins are well built, not too big and not too small. No noticeable figures. In general, they love sports and are often healthy at heart. On old astrological pictures, you often see that the twins are depicted as horn blowers. The use of sound (ie the throat and vocal cords) are typical of the twins. That is why the vocal cords and the throat are often the weak points because they are often overloaded. Furthermore, the twins are strong and often have the chance of a long life.

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