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A. Psych-Hub encourages anyone visiting our page to read the readers profiles carefully. You are spending your hard earned money with us and therefore we believe it important to spend your money in the most efficient way. If you believe you have not connected in the session with your reader we encourage you to try again. A lot of the magic happens when both you and the reader connect. Psych-Hub believes the best way to do this is for you to read all the readers profile and choose who you think you will be able to be open and honest with them easily. Always feel free to leave us an email if you were unhappy with the service or have a suggestion on how we can improve our readings.

A. Most people who have never had a reading before are curious. We understand this and aim to put the anxiety to sleep and provide you with a service that makes you feel great. All of our team are experts and know exactly how to guide a spiritual healing session for a first timer. We always pre-warn our clients that any predictions that are made it is not abnormal for a time lapse between prediction and the actual event happening.

It is important, to be honest! If the reader asks a question and you lie it will throw the reader off and the accuracy they are normally able to operate with is simply not what it could be. Honesty goes a long way and is the foundation of a solid relationship with your psychic.

We understand some topics or events are hard to talk about, hence we encourage ongoing sessions to form a relationship with your reader. We do ask that if the psychic asks a question you are not comfortable answering instead of lying just simply inform the reader you are not comfortable answering the question.

A. Before your reading think about what you would like to achieve from your reading. Think hard about what it is exactly in life that is bothering you the most.

Read Psych-Hub’s the profiles extremely careful and try your hardest to choose someone who you would like to start a journey of recovery and healing with. Your problems will not always be solved in one call. It may take several calls, understand this is normal. But have faith we will help you understand what it is your seeking clarity with. Guiding you to information that will help you is generally what clairvoyants do best. Examine all areas of paranormal spiritual healing in your spare time. Often reading information then bringing that information into your session will be helpful. It will help you understand certain terminology a clairvoyant may use.

A. A medium is a highly specialized person with psychic abilities enabling them to speak with spirits who have passed into another realm. Often the spirits maybe calling out to you as they want to pass on a message they were unable to give you before they passed. Simply read through our reader’s section and find who is a medium as well. Or ring our number and ask the operator who is a medium.

A. A lot of our psychics are in extremely high demand. To ensure that you get to speak to them pre-book your reading with our credit card reception team. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have if it is your first reading at the same time as the pre-booking.

For a love reading call 1300 464 866