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Capricorn Weekly Horoscope Readings

A Capricorn enjoys – Family, Religion, Traditional Outings

They Dislike – most things at certain points in their life

Capricorn is that star sign that strongly represents responsibility in a traditional sense. They love their family and all related celebrations such as birthdays, weddings, engagements parties and family get-togethers. Holding a strong self-identity they thrive in business situations and the financial arena. Their common trait of being serious does sometimes exclude them from the fun but in general, they understand humor on some level.

They are the master of self-discipline and are one of the most trusted signs of the Zodiac due to self-control, they will never cheat.

Being an earth element sign similar to Taurus and Virgo it is the last of the earth signs implicating grounding and a sense of being rock solid. They love the material world and work very hard in their day to day lives it is no wonder they succeed and excel at their work.

They are very judgmental at times, especially when viewing others who are not acting in an honest and loyal way to those around them that they supposedly love. Their rigidness gives them no understanding when viewing others. So do not expect an ear to lean on if you’re doing the wrong thing.

Saturn is their ruling planet leaving the Capricorn in a space of comfort and material wealth.

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Capricorn The Goat Of Fear Weekly Horoscope

Capricorn – the goat of fear comes from a tail of a fish which is created to install fear amongst rivals or threats. They can be extremely aggressive when it comes to being challenged. If in the right and feeling backed into a corner they can become aggressive and extremely fierce.

Defensive mechanisms are easy to spot and it is wise to never insult someone they love or they may turn on you forever and ruin your reputation with others.

Capricorn Women

Are some of the most loyal women out of all the Zodiac signs. They make a great partner and if loyalty is important to you they are the best.

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December 23 to January 20

Conservative, responsible, conscientious, systematic, conscientious, practical, cautious, stingy, reserved, selfish, melancholic, suspicious, trustworthy, submissive, ambitious, industrious, efficient, dignified, controlled, creative, envious.

Colors:  Brown and orange.

Stones:  Diamond, falcon and white sapphire.

Who is the ibex?

The zodiac sign the ibex (in Latin also called “Capricornus”) is the 10th sign of the zodiac. The ibex is an earth sign. Capricorns are firmly in their shoes, but if necessary they can easily get over every obstacle. The planet Saturn has the most influence on the ibex. Saturn is named after the God of nature and agriculture.

The ibex and its feelings.

At first sight, ibexes seem emotionless and boring, but appearances are deceptive. The ibex appears to be very balanced, but behind this attitude is also a sensitive being. The ibex will not easily make contact. They usually wait until they are approached themselves. The ibex shows a lot of interest in his fellow man. The Ibex can sometimes appear a bit haughty and hides his feelings behind words. That can sometimes deter people. If this occurs and the Capricorn notices this, he will tell that this is only a form of self-defense. The Ibex can be trusted and you can build on it. Both private and business.

The character of the ibex

A big plus of the ibex is that he has a great sense of justice. He will constantly search for errors, imperfections, and defects of his inner self. If the ibex thinks that he meets his own values and standards, he will also demand that from his environment. He can go quite far in that. In this respect, the ibex is very inflexible and can seem arrogant. It would be better if the ibex should pay more attention to the values and norms of the other. When someone is in need, the ibex will gladly help. The Capricorn always finds practical solutions. The ibex will never force itself in, but if help is requested, it is there. The ibex does not wait for a reward either. Capricorns have their emotions well under control.

The ibex and his work

Capricorns are hard workers, that’s because they constantly have an urge for new challenges and are very curious. When they are done with the one job, they start the next one again. It can also happen that he is busy with too many things at the same time. He will always look for new challenges. He will also look for things he really likes to do. The young ibexes among us do need applause and door, but they will automatically grow over it again.
TheIbexx has a long breath and therefore they fit well in politics or a voluntary institution. Because of his great dedication, he will quickly become indispensable for the organization where he works. It will almost never happen that the ibex is fired. He will, if he does not like it, step out of himself.
The ibex is constantly looking for new challenges and variety. It is therefore not advisable for the ibex to start its own business. It is possible if he finds a partner that he can trust. The ibex can become an excellent lawyer, journalist or architect. The main reason for the job remains that bread has to be put on the shelf.

The ibex and his friends

The ibex does not really need many friends around him. He can be fine alone, but it is not that the ibex is shy. He just does not have that strong need. The ibex is also widely approached by people and can also listen carefully without exposing its own soul. At firs,t he seems very frank, but this is actually not at all.
The ibex does have a great sense of humor. But he does not like stupid humor, so the capricorn usually has serious people around him. He can conduct at least in-depth discussions with that. Even if there are big differences, the friends of the ibex can count on him. They will not ask for help themselves quickly. He will first try to solve his own problems before he invokes the help of his relatives. He will accept the help of his partner a little faster.

The capricorn and love

In the relationship, the ibex is stable. He is not looking for the eroticism of his partner at first. The spiritual part in the relationship will interest him much more. Of course, ibex can be real lovers. The ibex also knows that good sex can also create a bond and can also enjoy it intensely. A relationship with a ibex can be for life. But then there must be a little more spontaneity by both parties.
The ibex is simply not a very exuberant type. He did not get that by nature. The capricorn values loyalty and security. The ibex can find a good match with a lobster, virgin, scorpion, bull and fish. Capricorn is better not to seek a partner with the constellation of ram, archer and lion. Only very strong ibexes will save it with one of those partners.

The ibex and his health

The ibex is able to withstand great obstacles. Both literally and figuratively he can climb the highest mountains. He can be in the harshest conditions. Sometimes the ibex wants to climb too high and work above its own power. The ibex can go very far and can also do a lot, but he must also face his own limitations. It is in the blood of the ibex to travel and to travel into the world. The ibex can adapt to every situation and environment. The capricorn does not care about luxury, it is much better to go into nature, to travel into the jungle, to camp, those are things that the capricorn loves. You will see that the ibex is tough and strong and that it has a kind of survival urge. The ibex also has some vulnerable parts of the body. These are the joints and muscles. Especially of the legs and knees. If the capricorn suffers from stress, it will be able to suffer from its digestive system. Fortunately, he does not often suffer from this. Usuall,y the capricorn has excellent health. The ibex is not a surrogate, even if he is sick he will just go to work. even though you will not hear the ibex, he will appreciate a bit of attention. The ibex will also take care of you when you are sick

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