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Cancer Weekly Horoscope Readings

The cancer sign is one of the most highly tenacious and clever star signs of the zodiac. They make great debaters and sales reps as they have the ability to motivate others and persuade them to their ways of thinking.

At times they can be moody, self-centered, insecure and manipulative at times. These traits also make them great in the business arena and not so great in the joys of love. They very often have a strong connection to mum and any criticism of this relationship is usually unwanted and dealt with revenge.

Cancer & Love Weekly Horoscope 

Cancer can be a great sign to have a relationship with more often than not they are extremely caring and non-judgmental partners. As a water element, they are soft caring and very nurturing, they can be emotional at times and it is highly recommended to watch how you criticise are bring up behaviors within the relationship you are not happy about.

They require a partner who can read their non-verbal cues without being promoted as sometimes Cancer signs can find it hard to speak up for themselves.

The self-sacrifice and willingness to put other people’s needs in front of there own can be a negative in certain situations. If you are a caring partner it is of vital importance to not let this happen as often the Cancer will later regret doing this and hold the self-deprivation against the lover for life.

The Cancer sign can be easily misguided and led astray by people they trust, they are often victims of manipulation. Concerning sex, it is extremely important to keep an eye on their so-called friends of the opposite sex. 

How to attract a Cancer

Attracting a cancer sign is not always easy, you definitely need to make the first and show lots of interest in the hope they twig onto your attraction. It is not unusual for this zodiac sign to be unaware of your attraction even when you have made the attraction clear.

They can be very complicated and complex lovers, being overly protective of loved ones making them home loving beings it is a great idea to plan activities that center around the house cooking, gardening etc.

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Emotional, anxious, motherly, patriot, receptive, romantic, closed, suspicious, sentimental, creative, patient, cautious, worried, timid, dreamer, hypersensitive, nostalgic.

Colors:  pale shades, cream and white.

Stones:  Moonstone, Pearl, Peridot.

Who is the lobster?

Constellation the lobster (“Cancer”) in Latin) is the 4th sign of the zodiac. The lobster is also a water sign. The celestial body the moon rules the most in this constellation. The moon stands for good intuition but also stands for maternal instinct, emotions and homeliness. It is no longer the case that the word femininity can not beat men. The lobster has many female pluses and there is nothing wrong with that. It is not true that lobsters pull back at the slightest at the same time.

The lobster is caring

The lobster is very caring for his relatives, his family and friends but especially for his own children. The lobster also mentions materially for his colleagues or subordinates at work. The lobster is hard on the outside but also has a small heart. So he can be hard but can also be very sensitive in his time. Because the lobster itself is very honest, he also expects that from someone else. He often does not get through list and deception so quickly. The lobster is a jealous type. You will not notice it directly to him, but he is. The lobster is a social person and pleasant to deal with. The lobster is not someone who likes to take the initiative but likes to be persuaded to go along with other people’s proposals. The lobster man can also be a great house man. He does not stick to the old-fashioned role pattern. The lobster woman thinks that having children is the most important thing there is. The lobster feels most at ease with a helpless and weaker partner. Because of the strongly developed mother aspect, the lobster has protective and caring instincts.

The lobster is steadfast

It is very remarkable that the lobster will seldom approach its targets directly. And that while the lobster does not have to look the cat from the tree first. The lobster can easily observe things. He will view a person or business from all sides. Then he will decide quietly whether someone or something can be trusted. Decisions are taken quietly. Once the lobster has taken a bliss it will be full of energy to it. Once the lobster has adopted a position, it is difficult to discard it.

The lobster and travel

The lobster is not aggressive by nature, but if you deny it, it will fight back hard. Make sure that you never anger a lobster because then you can flee. Many outsiders find the lobster boring and colorless but that is not right. The lobster loves to travel and can start moving spontaneously and find the adventure. However, the lobster will also love to come home again. The lobster always worries about the home front. He can also be very worried about what can happen on the way. In the end, the lobster always managed to save well and the anxiety was actually for nothing.

The lobster and relationships

When it comes to love, the lobster is on guard and shy. Only after a long acquaintance will the lobster think of a permanent relationship. They want to get to know their partner very well first. After the long acquaintance, a long and happy marriage can follow. If it is up to the lobster this can be for life.
The lobster is happy to be ready for people who need help. What is often not expected is that the lobster also has a very gentle character. The lobster is an economical type, but is certainly not stingy. Even if the lobster has an acquaintance with a possible love partner, he will keep his hand on the cut. If the lobster feels that it is really serious, he will be generous to his partner. Once the lobster goes for someone, he will also go to the limit and not give up quickly.

The lobster and his family

The lobster is really a family person and goes through the fire for his family. If it concerns a young family, the lobstermen are an example. They help with the household and keep a close eye on the budget. The lobsterwomen also have these good qualities. In a family where there is good harmony, living together with a lobster is great. Both partners will have the opportunity to develop themselves as long as this remains within the agreements made.
This also applies to sex life. This must also remain entirely within the agreements made. But if the lobster comes to middle age and is no longer lived according to the agreements made, the lobster can cause conflicts. The lobster can then suffer from an uncomfortable feeling. It is better for the lobster to look for new challenges. at the moment the children leave the house or the partner is unfaithful to the lobster, the lobster will feel completely unnecessary.

The lobster and his work

Under the constellation of lobster, most good sailors can be found. because they are born in the water sign they feel best on the water. The lobster is very proud of the work that he does. He loves it when he is encouraged or gets a pat on the back. The lobsters that appeal to the land often have liquids. They often work in nature protection or in water recreation. They also often work in a liquor store.

The lobster functions best in a small team, with a local authority or in a family business. The commercial setting of the lobster is perfect and so is the buying tactic that the lobster has. The lobster is full of good ideas and often gives him good money. Fortunately, the lobster knows very well how to deal with his finances.

The lobster and his health

If the lobster is good in his skin he will seldom be sick. If the lobster is once sick, make it good to him and he is better again. But the lobster can also speak ill with some unpleasantness. As a real patient, the lobster is very difficult and full of self-pity.
The ailments of the lobster usually relate to the intestines and the stomach. This is often due to stress. The lobster can have severe stomach complaints. Headaches can also occur often. Because the lobster is a very hard worker, he often commits robbery to himself. He often thinks that he is the only one who is indispensable and that it is difficult to realize that this is not the case at all. Nobody is indispensable.

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