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Astrology is an ancient form of looking at how the stars are aligning and providing an accurate reading of what could be potentially happening in the very near future of your life. Many psychics are well trained in the science/art of astrology. The art of providing a star reading is dated back to the second millennium BCE.

There have been large amounts of cultures who have placed huge significance on Astrological Readings. Romans would not go into battle without having a positive Astrological reading at certain times of their history. The Romans were not alone on this, there are countless recordings of ancient armies refusing to go into battle after having a negative reading. Check out our live Psych-Hub horoscopes

Astrology VS Science

Unfortunately, Astrology has fallen out of favor in the last seventy years as science has evolved and taken a serious stance against, clairvoyants, psychics, mediums, fortune tellers and Astrological readings. We are all well aware that spirituality and science have clashed on nearly every religion or spiritual activity one can participate in.

We prefer to look at it like this millions of people believe in God, billions believe in Allah and they are free to do so. We are not a religion you do not have to bow to us. So why the big deal? If your serious about finding out if we are accurate to give Psych-Hub a call we look forward to making you a spiritual believer. Our clients are thrilled with this service we provide and we at Psych-Hub guarantee our uniques services.

Powerful Astrological Readings

A powerful reading can be performed by analyzing the stars and the impact of their alignment will have on your life. An Astrologist generally has amazing training and will have your very best spiritual interest at heart. They do not look into the past but rather concentrate on the future of your life. An Astrologer can help you in love, finances, travel and all around happiness. If your curious give Psych-Hub a try we have helped thousands of clients reach a new level of happiness in peoples lives. You can have peace, love, and wellness and an Astrology reading can and will help you get there. Looking towards the stars we believe you have an amazing future ahead of you and our services guided by the moon can help you reach your destination.

Astrology has helped people for thousands of years from the famous to the rich, even world leaders have engaged in Astrologers to help them to make good and correct decisions.

Astrology Throughout The World

Astrology is spread throughout the world and has been traced back to many cultures including:

HINDU – The main txt’s in ancient Hindu astrology is based on medieval times. Dating back to the eighth century the Hindu religion and culture was slow in catching on to Astrology. Bought to India from Alexander The Great astrology never really went mainstream in this culture. The history and adaption are however very interesting when studied at length.

ISLAM – Islam is a culture that fully embraced astrology, producing some world renown and world-class scholars. Following the collapse of Alexander, there was in Baghdad a created learning center was formed (house of wisdom), many Arab scholars were taught and praised. Mashallah was an instrumental figure in creating the studying center in Baghdad and is legendary in the field.

Europe – the first Astrology book ever written in great deal can be traced back to Europe (Book of the Planets and Regions of the World). It appeared between 1090 and 1028 Ad. The book is believed to be authored by several scholars and later translated to Latin. Aristotle being the influencer implying that the stars ruled ceratin elements and peoples general behavior and psychology. Keeping in mind the massive Christian push at the time he did extremely well negotiating that God ruled the soul at the same time.

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