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Aries is the Ram and the first sign in the astrological zodiac chart, the symbol is a representation of the flying ram. With the sun transiting the sign from the 21st March to 20th of April every year. According to the tropical system of astrology, the sun enters the sign of the Zodiac Aries when it meets the North Vernal Equinox.

Aries is the first fire sign of the Zodiac followed by, Sagittarius and Leo.

Aries & Love & Sex Weekly Readings

Aries is very much a loyal lover and just about the last of the Zodiac signs to be ok with an open relationship. They will put their partner first in just about every situation, expecting the same from you in return. They are masters of listening to their mate’s needs, wants and desires to pay attention to every small detail of their lover. For some signs the closeness an Aries gives can be overwhelming and be smothering, for others it is a breath of fresh air.

The Aries temper can catch you by surprise especially in love Aries Best Matches:

Aries and Aries can make great romantic relationships both centered on each other;

Aries & Taurus – this can be a challenging relationship, but it is common sense as to why the attraction is so strong between the two signs with mars and venus as their rulers once connected the romance is likely to be lifelong;

Aries & Gemini – similar to a match made in heaven, both have an amazing sense of self and are extremely creative in the bedroom making the most sexual fantasies come alive for each other;

Worst Matches:

Aries & Cancer – Both signs are total polar opposites and cancer is considered too sensitive for Aries, cancer being a water sign is simply not adventurous enough;

Aries & Scorpio – Again Scorpio is a water sign and is thought to be the worst of all signs to be matched with the fun-loving Aries. However, underneath all the fun and energy Aries can be a sensitive sign too if the chemistry is right;

The Sign of the Ram:

Rams are known to charge forward and possess determination and persistence and make these traits look effortless.

The Ram is thought to represent courage, action, and self-propelled action into a situation. Making Aries a clear leader amongst their peers!

To get a more clear reading of where Aries can relate to you, be in a relationship with you or even work in your workplace give Psych-Hub a call today for an expert reading and interpretation. The opposite star sign is Libra, full of diplomacy, social correctness tact, and class, Aries is the total opposite. Rough, straight to the point and often blunt you will always know exactly where you stand. If you would like further knowledge and learning feel free to call our readings hotline.

Ruled By Mars

Aries is ruled by Mars the red planet and have been linked together since most of the ancient times. Mars is Roman War of God being a planet of great action, energy.

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Authoritative, leader, greedy, free, active, demonstrative, aggressive, impulsive, pioneer, courageous, unconscious, impatient, proud, enthusiastic, sarcastic, selfish, constructive, progressive, reckless.

Color:  Red

Stones:  Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Amathist.

Who is the ram?

The Ram (“Aries” in Latin) is also called the first sign in the zodiac. It is very characteristic to the dominant character. The ram does what he wants, and if it does not work well then the ram will name it to fate. To weigh everything and plot it, the ram really hates it. The rams among us do not always get their way, but they always find their own way because they are energetic and decisive. The ram is also very fierce, brash and gambling. The ram is a fire sign.

The ram is a soloist

The ram does not like to look back to the past. The ram likes to look forward. the ram never wants to be hindered in the present and breaks through full of energy. The ram also hates confusion and difficult situations. The ram has a solo character and has an independent way of thinking. The ram is the most innocent sign. The 1st sign. The ram is unsuspecting and unsuspecting. The ram has an independent mind and is someone who likes to do everything alone. The ram does not need someone quickly. The ram sometimes talks about fate that plagues him, but that is nothing but the unknown that hinders him. After good thinking, the ram will effortlessly pass through again.

The ram is quickly attacking

The Roman war god, now called the planet Mars, dominates the constellation ram. The ram has combative features. As a result, the ram often has success. It may also happen that the ram provokes a quarrel, then there is no more situation to circumvent what the ram likes to do. The ram quickly passes to the attack. He will often overwhelm his opponent with his quick actions. You can clearly see that the ram is courageous and decisive. The ram is no doubter and makes quick decisions. The ram is certainly not cunning and calculating, but it is also not tactical and diplomed. A ram always needs new stimuli to keep his life fascinating. A ram is always looking and its leaders. The ram often impresses the environment. A ram often finds it difficult to keep the attention for a long time. They often quickly opt for other work or other hobbies. In this way they end up in a new world again and again, where they can be admired again by new people.

The ram loves his freedom

Because the fire sign controls the life of the ram, the ram can often be hot. The ram has little patience and does not let itself get over. If a ram does not take time on time, it will not last long. A ram does not like rules. The ram always finds its own way again, the ram also has a pronounced and powerful character. The ram is an adventurous person and always looking for new challenges. The ram is very fond of his freedom. Do not try to get rid of the ram because then he will hit back. The ram will also try to come loose and escape. The ram also wants to be free of body and soul and does not feel bound. A ram can sometimes seek his salvation in a faith, but if there are rules to look at it again, he will start looking for something else again.

The ram is self-assured

If you are an enemy of the ram, you better not worry about being around. The ram knows very quickly who he or she is not allowed and will certainly not keep his opinion to himself. He is very good for one person and he ignores the other.
Ram is rarely interested in what another finds. The ram also regularly misuses the power that he has over the people. The ram often takes the initiative to seek friendship. A ram would rather not be tempted by himself and therefore often takes the reins with relations. Once you have a friendship or relationship with the ram, he is a reliable partner. The ram is a good leader although you can not actually bring anything in and can not talk about it in his decisions. Because the ram is so confident and determined, there are a lot of people who are a bit weaker who likes to follow the ram. The followers of the ram do not find the leadership of the ram disturbing. The ram does not feel haughty but just think that he makes the right decisions in certain situations.

The ram is unmanageable

It is certainly not easy to be friends with a ram. The rams that also have a ram as an antescedent really think they always know everything better. Everything they say and know is always much better than what others think about it. the ram is a very hard worker but in the private sphere he can be really unruly and sullen. You have to be very tactful to deal with a ram The ram hardly listens and for advice of someone else the ram has never been open. As a counterparty, you have to come up with such strong argon forces if the ram wants to go through the knees.

The ram the boss in the house

Who the best partners for the ram can be that are the lions, archers, watermen and the twins. if you have the constellation capricorn, scorpion, or scales, it is better to first think three times before you want to follow the trail of the ram. In a relationship or marriage the ram will always want to be the boss. the family of the ram will really have to be obedient, that is something the ram really demands. If the ram itself makes mistakes then everyone will have to quickly see that. The ram itself is of course very quickly forgotten. The ram is usually also very unreasonable in relationships. His interests are paramount and the interests of his partner never come first. If you look at the statestics you will see that the percentage of separations among the rams is considerably higher than with the other constellations. If a ram wants to make a relationship, he will have to give and take.

The ram and the conflicts

The ram can reach the top in both politics and business. He does not see anything on no mountain is too high to reach his ultimate goal. The ram does not need much sleep either. Diplomacy and tactics are not one of the ram’s strongest points, but the ram can overcome it. When consultation has to take place, the ram will use his intelligence to control himself and will then listen patiently, although he would prefer to play the lead again. If a ram is slightly less developed, it will more often come to conflict. It is then the appreciation for his work that the ram then holds. The tyranny of the ram can turn against him if he once again abuses his power. This happens when there are similar constellations in the area.

The ram is stress sensitive

By nature the ram has no brake, there is simply no stop on the ram. Of course, the battery of the ram may well run empty. If the ram goes on and on, it comes back to a dead end. If the ram is watching his health, he can get very old. the ram is also known for that. it is a known phenomenon that the ram can be overstrained. Stress is also often lurking. Of course, the ram keeps on running and will ignore the signals. Of course this is very unwise. The ram also has a number of weak points and that is the legs and the head.

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