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Yes – You can Be Psychic

Many distinguished scholars hold that everyone has psychic abilities, in varying degrees, early in life, but that these abilities generally disappear by the time a child is six or seven. Skeptics tend to dismiss such contentions as so much quackery. Part of the problem is that this phenomena cannot be scientifically proven and that there are far more skeptics than psychics. Another obstacle consists in the fakes, people who advertise in tabloid magazines, ‘psychic guarantees return of your lost love in 24 hours’ or some other such ridiculous premise.

In fact, people who do have psychic abilities, tend to experience them outside of a clinical setting, which makes the experience and report purely anecdotal, that is, lacking in quantifiable, scientifically repeatable proof. However, this does not negate the phenomena. It simply remains unproven.

Various studies have shown that psychic ability seems to run in families. In retrospect, anecdotal reports of ‘knowing’ future events does tend to repeat down through generations. Sometimes, the knowledge is fairly insignificant and not traumatic. In other instances, people have knowledge of traumatic events prior to the occurrence. One such famous case is that of Jeanne Dixon, who predicted the circumstances and time of President Kennedy’s assassination. Ms. Dixon went to great lengths to try to warn the Kennedy’s, with details that so closely matched the actual event, it was truly inexplicable. Her desperate pleas went unheeded and history records the outcome. In this instance, it’s certainly hard to explain how she could have known about this disastrous event.

It’s interesting to note that most religions acknowledge visions as a legitimate extension of psychic ability. There is a definite correlation between these two unexplained phenomena. In some senses, what’s currently termed ‘psychic ability’, was, centuries ago, deemed ‘visions’. In the Catholic church, well known visionaries, such as Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross and Catherine of Siena, experienced visions of both future and revelatory events which have survived the centuries. The church decided that it could not discount these contemplative, meditative souls, but neither could they endorse this psychic phenomena as truth for the ordinary believer. The church instead deemed these people, with what we now call psychic abilities, or visions, to be ‘Doctors of the Church’. This provided a special, separate category, into which the ordinary person could not and should not, enter.

If you were to ask a person who claimed psychic abilities just how they apprehended this knowledge, chances are that they might not be able to tell you if they were dreaming or awake! The knowledge is understood and irrefutable. It might come in the form of a thought, a dream, or a visual representation while awake. This reportage is not credible to most people. It’s simply too difficult to understand. For example, if you’d never seen snow, how could you believe a description of it? However, this obviously does not mean snow does not exist.

Perhaps psychic ability will forever remain a mystery. It’s possible that some people are able to apprehend a different plane of reality than most of us are capable of seeing.

The fascinating aspect of the psychic phenomena is that countless scholars have verified, in clinical settings, that almost all children have psychic ability, to a degree and up to a certain age. The fact that this ability almost always fades as a child matures may be only a result of anchoring in the world most of us see as reality. Who can say?

by charlie reese

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This post was written by The Online Psychic on March 6, 2010

Different Psychic Abilities

We’ ve all seen the television psychics, TV programs about psychic detectives and ads in magazines placed by people who guarantee to restore a lost love and the like. Although the concept of physic ability is viewed with considerable skepticism by the majority of people, many legitimate studies in clinical studies have established that psychic abilities should not be dismissed out of hand.

Before you decide one way or another on this controversial topic, take a look at some of the evidence. We often tend to not believe ideas that cannot be irrefutably proven or seen with our own eyes. Here are some examples, along with a few experiments you can do yourself, that may change your mind.

Scientists in the fields of psychology and psychiatry, as well as Pascal, the famed mathematician and philosopher, determined that almost every child possesses a degree of physic abilities, usually up until about the age of six.

Any parent knows that kids have a way of knowing certain things that cant be readily explained. For example, a child may take an immediate dislike to a certain person, sizing them up in a childs manner and without apparent reason. The same child may gravitate towards another individual without explanation. They simply sense something which creates a thumbs up or thumbs down impression. Whats interesting is that childrens impressions usually prove to be correct in the long run.

Studies of children who demonstrate psychic ability also show that such abilities tend to disappear, gradually. By the time a child is ten years old, very few retain these psychic characteristics and experiences. Its theorized that as a child is absorbed into the mainstream of culture, the very idea of physic ability meets with disapproval. Use it or lose it comes into play, and peer pressure and the desire to belong soon brings about a general dissipation of this talent.

How about religion? People of every faith believe the doctrines of their faith, with absolutely no proof. If you believe in a creator, can you prove it? You cant. However, just because you cannot see your creator doesnt mean He doesnt exist.

One of the common denominators in the nature of people shown to have physic ability is that they tend to be highly spiritual. This does not mean that they are necessarily religious, although they often are. Such spiritually inclined persons feel a connection to life that goes beyond what can be quantified and seen by everyone.

Heres one interesting way you can test your own psychic ability: go online and look up some of the many psychic tests, which you can take for free. You might be shocked to discover that you, the skeptic, possess psychic abilities.

There are techniques which anyone can practice, to develop lost psychic abilities. At the very least, its an entertaining endeavor. Who knows?

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This post was written by The Online Psychic on March 5, 2010

Do You These Psychics?

Everyone wants certainty in their life…certainty is perhaps even more important than happiness. Many people, who live uncertain lives, want to know what’s going to happen…if they will find true love, if they should change jobs, if they should move to a new town, and so on.

Some of these people consult psychics, whom they believe can see into the future and tell them what they want to know. Psychics are people who have “extra sensory perception,” and can see into the future.

There are different varieties of psychic phenomena. A “medium” is, to use the dictionary definition, a “person through whom the spirits of the dead are alleged to be able to contact the living.”

A “psychic” is a person “a person who is allegedly sensitive to psychic influences or forces; a medium” although psychics don’t necessarily contact the dead… a medium is always a psychic but psychic isn’t always a medium.

Some psychics perform their readings by holding something that belongs to the person in question, others read from tarot cards, and so on.

Many prominent people throughout history have believed in the powers of psychics – for example Franklin Delano Roosevelt, while president, consulted a psychic, as did Woodrow Wilson. Perhaps most famously, Nancy Reagan consulted a psychic while her husband was in office.

So if you’re going to consult a psychic, you’re in good company. Nevertheless, it’s always well to “test drive” a psychic as you would any professional whom you were thinking of hiring to do a job for you. Indeed, it would be even more important to “vet” a psychic, since you’ll be trusting them to give you advice on your love life and perhaps even your business career.

You can visit a psychic in your home town…or at least one who lives close to you. This would seem to be the best way to go about it, as most psychics practice psychometry – they hold something that belongs to you, and get impressions from it, which they use to give you advice.

There are also plenty of online psychic websites. If you’re thinking of consulting a psychic, read through all of these websites, to see the kinds of powers they claim, and perhaps most importantly, to compare their prices, before you commit to one or the other.

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This post was written by The Online Psychic on March 4, 2010

How to Develop the Sixth Sense of Psychic Abilities

There are various signs of modern day psychics; you can find them by driving down the avenue or within various psychic hotline advertisements. Many people wonder about the reality of psychic powers. Although, they may seem rare to find, you do have your own psychic abilities.

Many television and radio broadcasting shows will often feature a gifted psychic. Some of them may work on stage while traveling with live show and others may write books in order to share their gifts with the world.

Psychics are people who generally have perceptions that are beyond the norm of using the five senses. This may be called second sight. Second sight is the ability to see or sense spirits, objects, people or events. Having and using these psychic abilities are mysterious and fascinating.

It may seem like this is something that you simply have or you don’t have. However, that is not really the case. Many individuals have this gift, but it lays idle in those who do not develop it. You can develop this knowledge of the “sixth sense” so that you can truly harness your full psychic potential.

It was earlier mentioned that many individuals question whether psychic abilities are real. To truly begin your development as a psychic, you need to accept your potential and the validity of the gift. Psychic abilities are something that you find within yourself, and you cannot be scared of them. Instead, you need to commit to enhancing and nurturing your gift so that you can use it to help and enhance your life and the lives of others.

Once you have accepted your potential you need to try to pinpoint what your potential psychic abilities are. Psychic abilities come in many different forms. Some psychics pride themselves on being able to see the future while others are able to speak to the spirits who have left this world. To work towards developing your gift, you should try to identify what you have a penchant for. Knowing where your talents lie is an important step towards being able to develop them.

After identifying your abilities, you need to practice in order to develop them. Use your time exercising your abilities in order to enhance them. You will use your psychic muscles, while exercising them to make them stronger. Use each day to slowly, strengthen your psychic muscles.

The practice of psychic development takes dedication, time and effort. You cannot perfect any sill overnight, including perfecting your psychic abilities.

As you practice and develop your psychic abilities, you will need to set goals, while knowing that there is no need to rush. As you move forward, you should be proud all the small steps you take. Do not become discouraged by any difficulties or challenges you may face along the way to perfection.

After mastering your psychic abilities and powers, you can start to share your gifts with other people. Many psychics offer their gifts to others to help bring about universal balance and harmony.

Take steps toward sharing with others, but take the time to learn how to do it. You must be aware that not everyone wants to take advantage of your gift, and that is okay. Instead, share it with those who are interested, and be aware not to do it in a way that is too spiritual or off putting.

Additionally, treat your psychic abilities with respect. They are truly a gift, and if you do not appreciate them appropriately, you may be surprised at how they slip away from you.

Some may doubt the reality of psychic abilities; however, they are real and you can develop and enhance your natural powers. This is an exciting journey to take on; there are many steps to enlightenment and growth.

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This post was written by The Online Psychic on February 27, 2010

What To Know About Finding Your Life Path Number

In the system of numerology, someone’s life path number can be discovered by using the date of their birth. Finding this number is a very easy two step process. To begin, simply add the digits of a person’s full birthdate together. As a means of example, if some person has their birthday on the 8th of November, 1986, the sum would look like this: 8 + 22 + 1968 = 2016.

The next step involves adding the sum of the digits in the previous step. So, someone whose birthdate sum was 2016 (as above) would add 2 plus 0 plus 1 plus 6. The final sum in this step would be 9. This is the number that numerologists work with here. To simplify this process, you can use an online numerology calculator.

These numbers run from 1 to 9, with each digit corresponding to a set of personal traits, both positive and negative, as well as the path, career, or destiny that a person may pursue. When a sum goes above 9, then the series starts over. For example, a 10 is a 1, an 11 is a 2, and so on.

Within the context of some numerology methods, there are also numbers called “master numbers.” These are all doubles, like 11 and 22, which are the most commonly recognized master numbers. 33, 44, and so forth are also regarded as master numbers by some numerologists. Those who believe in this part of the system believe people with these numbers have exceptionally more potential than those without them.

Learning of greater potential through numerology has made some proud of their inherent trait or imagined destiny, but others may get depressed or feel unable to live up to those expectations. For this and other reasons, leading numerologists have decided to throw the idea of master numbers out the window and simply incorporated these numbers into the regular one through nine series.

This is certainly a more equitable take within numerology, since no human being is inherently better than another, and the idea of master numbers may lead people to think otherwise. Numerology is simply intended to guide someone to their best possible life, rather than define them as a human being.

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This post was written by The Online Psychic on February 18, 2010

John Edward Psychic and John Edward Books

John Edward is one of the most famous psychics in the world. This American psychic super star is the author of several best selling books and audio books, helping thousands of people all over the world every year to connect with their diseased relatives and have had two very successful television shows, Crossing Over with John Edward and John Edward Cross Country.

John Edward was born in Glen Cove, New York in 1969 and was by an early age convinced that he could become a psychic. At age 15 Edwards had a reading done by Lydia Clar, a famous New Jersey psychic. Lydia that told him he was on the path to become a psychic celebrity, something that John at the time thought sounded absolutely crazy. She also told him that in the future he was going to help thousands of people with his psychic abilities and become a world recognized psychic.
Over the next couple of years John worked with Lydia and slowly started to perform psychic readings and learned how to control his abilities.

Before and during the development of his psychic abilities John studied Public Administration and Health Care Administration at college and worked in a hospital for many years.

John was one of the first psychics to reach celebrity status, and the first psychic to reach the masses through media, and helped change the everyday persons perception of the practice of “psychic readings”.

In both John Edwards television shows he is communicating with diseased relatives of the audience, with often amazing and astonishing results.

At the time of writing John Edwards international status as a psychic has enabled him to deliver psychic readings, lectures and teachings to live audiences all over the world. If you would like a live psychic reading with John Edwards these days, be prepared to wait a few years minimum and if you want to attend one of his many live seminars the cheap tickets are selling for at least a couple of hundred dollars.

John Edwards has written six books, many of them have been best sellers and on the New York Times Bestseller’s List for several lists. The books were released between 1998 and 2005 and include:

Check these cool videos out about John Edwards development as a psychic.

Becoming John Edward – Part 1

Becoming John Edward – Part 2

Becoming John Edward – Part 3

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This post was written by The Online Psychic on January 15, 2009

How to find a genuine online psychic

The top 10 signs to help determine if your psychic reader is genuine or not.

So how do you tell whether a psychic is genuine or not? This article will hopefully help you determine if your reader is real before committing to a reading.

It is important before we start to remember that most research shows that only one out of every five psychics are genuine. My belief is that the number of con artists is a lot worse online. That is frightening, and means that at least four out of five psychics are only after your money. So how do we tell if a online psychic is for real before we invest time, emotions and money?

5 signs that your online psychic is a fake.

1.    Psychics who tell you that you or your family and friends are cursed or going to die are typically fake. A real psychic would never do this or claim these sort of things

2.    Expensive chat rooms or phone lines where the psychic is trying to extend the conversation as long as possible as the reading is charged per minute.

3.    Claims of being able to tell you winning numbers

4.    Fake psychics will ask you for your age, sex and were you live. With this information the qualified guesswork of who you are becomes a lot easier.

5.    Psychics that ask you questions are usually con artists. A genuine psychic is there to give you answers to your questions. A fake one is manipulating you to make sure that he/she gives you what you want to hear.

5 signs that your online psychic is genuine.

1.    Psychics that encouraging you to ask some questions before committing time and money to a reading.

2.    Psychics that allow you/ encouraging you to record the session. This can be very helpful when you want to refer back to the reading in the future.

3.    Good online psychics usually have a ton of reviews. But be wary if there are hundreds of 100% positive reviews. No psychic is perfect and this is usually a sign for fake or manipulated reviews.

4.    A genuine psychic will give you the good and the bad news. A fake one typically only gives you good news.

5.    A genuine psychic will recommend a reading every 6-12 months or so. A fake psychic will usually recommend a lot more of them to make more money of you.
That should hopefully help you to find and build a long relationship with a good online psychic. They are definitely out there!

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This post was written by The Online Psychic on December 13, 2008

Brain Exercise That Boosts Your Psychic Intuition

Can you boost your psychic intuition with brain exercise? You’ll find out shortly.

We are all intuitive creatures by design. Everyone is capable of varying degree of intuition. Research has found that high level of intuitive ability is a critical success factor in career and life. The question is: How to strengthen the muscle of your psychic intuition?

What is the brain exercise that can increase your intuitive power? The answer is: Drawing!

How can drawing increase your psychic intuition? First, let’s understand this from the point of how drawing functions as a brain exercise.

Drawing is a whole skill that makes up of a group of component skills, namely, the skills of perception of:

1. Edges
2. Spaces
3. Relationships
4. Lights and shadows
5. Whole, or gestalt

These perceptual skills become integrated into a whole skill that determines your ability to draw. Once you learn the principles of these skills, you can learn to draw relatively quickly.

In the process of learning to draw, your brain goes through a complex chain of brain exercise to learn how to control the way it handles information. The benefit of learning to draw is to link to other activities and the possibility of seeing things differently by tapping into your right-brain.

Understanding How Left-Brain and Right-Brain Work

Now, let’s go a step further to explain what is right-brain and left-brain.

The right-brain relies on nonverbal cues to process perceptions. It’s good at tasks that require the ability to see similarities, to make connections, to understand how parts fit together as a whole, and to perceive overall patterns instantaneously. It is capable of drawing insights that come from non-linear, multi-dimensional mode of brain exercise.

On the other hand, the left side of the brain excels at verbal, analytical, rational and logical tasks. It’s the dominant buddy of the right-brain, taking over most of the brain’s normal activities, especially when you are at serious work. It is the master of planning and systematic works. It has a penchant for using words to describe and define, figuring things out step by step, drawing conclusions based on facts and logic, and thinking in a linear way.

Despite being a linear thinker that has limited scope of thinking, the left-brain takes over most of our daily tasks. Only in situations when it finds a particular job undesirable, or if a certain task takes too much time, is too detailed or slow or simply too difficult, then the left side gives up.

If you want the right-brain, which is more creative and intuitive, to be involved more in your thinking process, you must create chances for it to participate. The trick is to present tasks in a way that discourage the left-brain, and hence create opportunities for the right-brain to demonstrate its capability.

When you engage in drawing, you create the chance for the right-brain to gain dominance. If you do it regular as a hobby, drawing is a powerful brain exercise that can increases your psychic intuition.

More Advance Way To Develop Your Psychic Intuition

One technique designed by Dr. Betty Edwards to develop subconscious intuitive power through drawing, is to draw with your non-dominant hand looking at images that are upside down.

The rationale is: This puts the left brain in a state of confusion so that it can’t easily decipher shapes, lost its top-bottom orientation, unable to attach labels and categorize them to match stored memories. This process creates an opportunity to integrate your right-brain and allows it to become dominant. When presented with a confusing image, the left-brain gives up and the right-brain takes over.

You have probably heard of the saying that the best way to deal with a challenging issue is to sleep on it.

This problem-solving tactics is based on the same argument discussed above. After a long hard day cracking at the problem without success, the left-brain is exhausted. This is the perfect chance for the intuitive and creative right-brain to flex its muscle. It will sneak into the thinking space and come up with solutions that seem to have come from “The Higher Mind”.

By understanding how your brain works, you can maximize its psychic intuition capability with regular practice of this powerful brain exercise.

Jordan Cheng is the author of You can learn how to better develop your mind power to achieve Success and Wealth in life. He is contactable at

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This post was written by The Online Psychic on October 22, 2008

A Proven List of Psychic Abilities You Can Learn Today

In this article we are going to take a look at a list of psychic abilities YOU can learn on your own. If you are anything like me, you are probably fascinated by the wide and diverse set of psychic talents that are available to be explored, learned and mastered…and so MANY people have NO idea just how many unique and interesting ways these skills can be cultivated. So lets take a quick peek at some of these very abilities that are AVAILABLE to you…right now, if you’re BRAVE enough to pull back the curtain and take a peek! Read on..:-)

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As someone with a lifelong interest and study of the psychic and paranormal, I can tell you unequivocally that there are FAR more abilities to master than what you probably are aware of. Most of us are familiar with clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience (from the French clear seeing, hearing and feeling) and these are the most commonly ascribed skills to psychic readers and mediums that we see on TV and out and about. But what about astral projection or as it is more commonly called in scientific circles ” an out of BODY experience”. Did you know this is reasonably easy to learn and will SHIFT your world view and sense of spirituality on it’s EAR after a split SECOND in the ethereal realms? How about remote viewing…or TRAINING your inner eye to see things thousands of miles away by simply tuning in…and GAZING out? Don’t think it’s possible to learn? Don’t tell THAT to the U.S. Government and CIA who funded two DECADES of covert research into training psychic spies who did JUST that. (skeptical? Good! “Google” remote viewing and see what you find..:-)

What about learning mediumistic skills? (talking to those who have crossed over that slender shred between THIS world and the great beyond) Did you know that MANY men and women alike cultivated these skills LATER in life (after the age of 40) with SOME going on to provide some of the most PROOF positive evidence that there is INDEED a human soul that continues on past the path of this one single life we now know…..This is a LEARNED skill. Simply opening up to the divine ever present awareness that exists around us all in each and ever moment and allowing it to manifest into a practical reality is a TALENT that can be taught…and learned by all!

There really is so much more as well – Kundalini Meditation you’ve probably never heard of, but PROMISES it’s devotees MAGICAL powers of the sidhhis (bi location, levitation) and hardcore KABALLISTIC rabbis believe they can create or manifest “golem” or psychic warriors simply by activating their latent (and learned) energies on unwitting enemies.

It’s a wild and woolly world on the supernatural surfboard…you simply have to be willing to GET on and find a wave!

And of course there is SO much more….More that lies possible in YOUR life if you only open yourself up to the possibilities. Simply START by opening your mind, spirit & enhanced AWARENESS and ride the supernatural surfboard into the wild, wacky and wonderful world of the unknown..:-) It WILL rock Your WORLD…I promise..;-)

Who Else Wants to Experience Radical Inner Peace & Magnificent Well Being?

Read on…to discover how to experience almost MAGICAL psychic POWERS, blissful meditation and SO much more…….quickly, easily and magically even if you are a complete novice and have no idea what you are doing!

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This post was written by The Online Psychic on October 22, 2008