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Top 10 Online Psychics – The Best Psychics Based on Real Reviews

Hello Psychic Hub Readers! We are currently working on updating this list based on your reviews and comments.  Our goal is to have honest reviews here, so if you have had a good or bad experience with any adviser on Liveperson please submit a comment!  If you are looking for some reviews, read the comments below the post.

I know there are real and accurate psychics out there that can give helpful and genuine readings, the problem is there are also a bad psychics and frauds out their as well.  I have been researching the good and bad psychics on Liveperson and have decided to put together a list of good authentic psychics and the bad psychics you should avoid. (Read more at the bottom of the list to see how I researched and put this list together)

The Top Psychics on Liveperson

*in order by price

Top 10 Online Psychics   The Best Psychics Based on Real Reviews Corvus - $2.88 per minute

Professional Tarot reader with over 15 years experience. I don’t just look at coming events, but at steps which can be taken to arrive at the best outcome for your situation.

Top 10 Online Psychics   The Best Psychics Based on Real Reviews

Top 10 Online Psychics   The Best Psychics Based on Real Reviews Psychic PattyAnn - $16 per minute

TIRED OF FALSE PROMISES? Contact me now and hear the truth from a compassionate heart. Help is a click away! Love/Relationships

Top 10 Online Psychics   The Best Psychics Based on Real Reviews

Top 10 Online Psychics   The Best Psychics Based on Real Reviews Michael DuVal - $59.28 email reading, $9.42 per minute

~ Are you seeking answers to your situation? ~ Do you need help? ~ Let me show you the way! ~ Spiritual – Psychic Readings from the Heart ~

Top 10 Online Psychics   The Best Psychics Based on Real Reviews

Top 10 Online Psychics   The Best Psychics Based on Real Reviews Zadalia - $2.99 per minute

Accurate, honest tarot and psychic readings specializing in love.

Top 10 Online Psychics   The Best Psychics Based on Real Reviews

The Questionable Psychics on Liveperson

* I don’t want to label any psychics as bad, however the psychics listed below have had questionable, bad, or really bad reviews on websites other than Liveperson.  If you have had a positive experience with any of the psychics listed below please tell us!

  • Master Z
  • David James
  • Spiritual Diagnosis
  • Fruno (we have had 2 positive reviews for Fruno… read the comments below for more info)
  • Melodie
  • Golden Eye
  • Real Readings by Tracey
  • Truth and Light
  • Master Enigma
  • Celeste
  • Psychic Beth

How did I put together this list?

I sorted the psychics on Liveperson by ranking, and then looked at each psychic’s reviews on liveperson. More importantly I searched for each psychic in a search engine to see what other people on the internet had to say about them.  I think this information is more reliable because it comes from multiple sources, not just Liveperson.

What did I find out?

I found that some psychics have a flawless record, and I believe they really are as gifted and accurate as their reviews say they are.  However, I also read in a few different places that some of the highest rated psychics may be frauds that sign up with multiple accounts and review themselves and their friends, and even use scripted readings.  That is a horrible thing to do, as myself and other people look to psychics for real guidance.

In conclusion, I hope this list will help you make an educated choice when selecting a good psychic.  I have done a lot of the the initial research for you here, however I do recommend googleing any psychics that you may not be sure about.  Also, this isn’t a comprehensive list of all the psychics on liveperson,  I have only researched some of the top psychics.  From what I have read, it seems like there are quite a few excellent psychics without thousands of reviews like the “top” psychics, so don’t be afraid to try a psychic with less than say 500 reviews.  In the end its about the quality of the reviews, not the quantity!

Last!  If you have had a reading by any of the listed psychics and agree or disagree with this post please let us know!  We want information about psychics to be as transparent as possible, as we want people to have excellent readings and a good experience. Also we have not reviewed EVERY person on Liveperson, therefore there are probably many other great and not-so-good psychics that we haven’t listed.  We would like to expand this list, but we need help from people who have had readings, so please share your experiences.

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This post was written by The Online Psychic on July 12, 2009

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105 Comments so far

  1. Garvis July 7, 2010 8:08 am

    I have been using live person for years and it has been hit or miss on quite a few occasions. In fact, MANY outlandish predictions and time frames and offers for spells and cleansings were foist upon me. I was smart about the spells and never paid for that nonsense.
    However, I have found one guide to be consistent and correct for two years now. DJ OWNBEY. That is it. The only one out several tried. Recently i was having a bad time of it and for some reason I could not connect with DJ O. So i went looking for someone else and settled on David James who is so highly rated. maybe t was his initials. :) In the twoyrs i have used live person, never have i had a more callous reading, plus he was actually totally off. except i must be fair and say one thing: he is totally correct that I am over focusing on one person and situation and being obsessive. Yes indeed i am. But he said i needed to look up the word erotomania!! and suggested i was nuts. NOW , lol, nuts is subjective, and all i said (it is recorded) is that i would like some insight into how someone feels abot me. David james did not ask for names or dobs (a bit odd) and then proceeded to describe a persn i do not recognize. At any rate, he is not good. not gentle, not sensitive. and he is arrogant, hasty and judgmental. MAster ENigma,much cheaper, but same dismal MO. Mean. rude. demeaning and arrogant.

  2. me July 22, 2010 1:34 am

    I completely agree with the above reading about David James, incredibly judgmental and actually he quit the reading after a bit so I am grateful for that! Thanks for the list!

  3. The Online Psychic July 22, 2010 2:10 pm

    Thank you both for your comments, it is so important to weed the authentic psychics out from the bad ones because I think the bad ones can really harm someone with bad advice! Please let us know if you have had a good psychic reading from anyone else at Liveperson or in general.

  4. lz August 3, 2010 5:02 pm

    I have had several readings with liveperson. David james. Master enigma. Love guru, beth, and several others. James is expensive and rude. People says he is honest just because he doesn’t blow smoke up your ass by affirming your dreams will come true like most. Master engma is cold and arrogant. I called him on conflicting timelines. He gave me crap about the universe speeding up. I wish I had found this site earlier. I began to suspect the use of scripts after I had readings with four differnet psychics. I asked them all the same questions. They gave me suspiciously similar answers. Dee clare is nice, but not so accurate. I love the format of liveperson for anonymity, but they are batting zero to twenty five percent accuracy. Does anyone here know about mystic marshall?

  5. Kayla August 24, 2010 10:16 pm

    I was addicted to liveperson, spent alot of money for nothing because out of all the psychics only one got it half right and that person was ‘Grace Alva’, I notice alot of people will rate highly and make good comments directly after the reading without waiting to see if the predictions come true, also I’m pretty sure you can only rate up to 30days after the reading so you are unable to comment later on.

    Have had 3 readings with Master Enigma he goes on about positive thinking etc, he contradicted himself 3 times and got it all wrong.

    Have had 3 readings with Chirag Arora who also got it wrong, when I’d say it hasnt happened yet he’d just say wait another month..

    Vibrant spirit said that he/she felt like I was a sister and that they wanted to say a special prayer for me, told me to check mailbox, they wanted to charge me $200 for the blessing.. I declined and nothing came to pass anyway.

    Love Psychic advisor was nice didnt want to charge me till we connected, but the thing is he got it wrong as well.

    Eternal Insights was so lovely but yea got it wrong also.

    True psychic reader wasnt true because nothing came to pass also.

    Psychic Sam- wrong

    Psychic love guru- was writing from a script and wasnt even waiting to see what I was writing.

    Tullah connecting- wrong

    Soul, Love reuniter- wrong

    There were others also, I also have a $1369 phonebill from phone readers. I know I had a bad addiction but now it’s been nearly a year and I can really see how these people can play on your vulnerability. This is why I’ve written these reviews because I don’t want anyone to fall for it also. I know when you have something playing on your mind you want answers straight away but I wish now that I’d been more patient and saw a proper psychic with great reviews.

  6. The Online Psychic September 2, 2010 8:16 am

    Thanks you for your input Kayla, I’m sure some of our readers will find it very useful and informative!

  7. Livia October 13, 2010 3:29 pm

    I agree about Psychic love guru- “was writing from a script and wasnt even waiting to see what I was writing.” The same thing happened to me. My first reading was with him and he proceeded to tell me how fantabulous this love relationship will be (flowery and as if the guy would be gaga, obsessive over me) when in fact this guy was so scared to even contact me! I went back and read one script one person post AND IT WAS THE SAME!!! BEWARE!

  8. Redsox Fan October 26, 2010 11:49 pm

    This comment is being in regards to a Live Person Psychic Vibrant spirit. About two and a half months ago the Love of my Life broke up with me for no apparent reason and gave me no answer as to why. I was devastated and soo depressed. I reached out to vibrant Spirit who then told me that this man was coming back into my life we would be married and live happily ever after. told me we needed to do binding work so I did then he kept coming at me hard saying I needed this done and That done I was so desperate at the time I felt I needed to do what ever it took to get my ex back. First i was told September 28th then October 10th then within the month of October???? Well guess what still no ex-boyfriend. I feel like such a fool and if I even told you how much money I was scammed out of you’d probably wanna slap me yourself for being such an idiot. I called psychic source and got a reading with Megan which only took 5 minutes and she gave me all the answers I needed in regards to the situation and It all makes sense now. Please becareful of the scammers out there I’m now in debt an additional almost $3,000. didn’t even realize the amount at the time thanks to vibrant spirit and his need to play on people’s desperation.

  9. Kiersten October 31, 2010 10:29 am

    I must say I’ve been around quite a few of these Liveperson psychics too. All but two predicted that my ex would come back (which he did end up doing) but most were wrong about how it would play out. Only two were correct on timeframes: Psychic Maheen and Fruno. However, Psychic Maheen, though accurate on many accounts, gets online as she pleases, does the minimum as far as the amount of readings she needs, and gets off. She won’t respond to emails and you can’t count on her to be there for you outside the session. Sometimes cold. However, Fruno is truly amazing. He answered all my questions, and although my sessions are short due to his rate (4.99 steady never changing), he will answer EVERY question you have through email afterwards. I have been emailing him consistently for two months and he has not charged me or anything but given me insightful answers. I would honestly only truly recommend him. He will even get online within a couple hours of your email JUST FOR YOU if you need to talk. Some of the others whom I spoke with that were wrong include spiritual perspective, aeris, mystic sandra (she was lovely but not accurate), psychic sophina, soul,love reuniter, amber…into the soul, annette marie (real freakn joke), reunite lovers by sal, psychic advisor eve (also very generous with emails but sugar coating at its finest), spirtual goddess, and psychic xenora. I’d love to hear about more positive experiences on here!

  10. roxy November 3, 2010 8:18 am

    I have been going to kasamba for years. I have spent thousands. This is my experience I have invoices to prove..
    so far I will admit Fruno is been correct.
    Master z was wrong all along.
    Raven wrong
    Enigma horrid
    reginahopwood has been corect in prediction.
    psychicsource site has been positive for me to be honest.

  11. Tammy November 4, 2010 4:39 am

    I just wanted to leave some feedback on two advisors that were mentioned above. I have had readings with Mystic Sandra and Psychic Advisor Eve and they have been both correct and accurate with me and my situation. Eve does not sugarcoat at all, she has told me straight out when something or someone was not in my best interest. She also connected with me immediately and knew my situation before I even said two words to her. That is a true gift! As for Mystic Sandra, she is a tarot reader, (for I am as well a tarot reader) and the outcome can change on a dime. Her reads have been very accurate for me and very helpful. Not every psychic will connect with everyone, so know you have a connected with them before you hire them. I also felt the need to add to the list of horrible psychics on this site…”True Reflections by Simone” is awful. She tried to tell me things from the beginning of our read that made me realize that she was not connected at all to me or my situation, when I disconnected and rated her only on the fact that she was not connected with me, she emailed me some really horrible message and she played on my worse fears just to upset me. I was outraged that someone who is supposed to have a gift helping people would be so mean to play on your fears. It is a good thing that I knew she was doing this for others might not be so lucky and she could really cause damage to ones life whether it be love or what have you. Another one on this site that I found to be a total scam was Eternal Insights. He told me I had a bad spirit around me from the get go and wanted me to pay him extra to remove it. That raised a red flag and I disconnected. As for Psychic Source, I have used them as well quite a bit and I have found that they are okay. Too expensive for my taste and the experiences I had with them were not so accurate. Seems to be a lot of sugar coating going on with a lot of the psychics on there. Again, it comes down to what psychic connects with you the best. Also you need to realize when the psychic is a tarot reader, things change on a dime due to free will. Granted, the present on a tarot read and the past should be accurate, but as far as the time lines and the outcome, that can all change according to free will on your part and the people involved. I hope I was able to be of help. :)

  12. LT November 7, 2010 6:44 pm

    I have spent thousands on Live person and have cut my losses. I realize that I was going through a rough time and needed support. Unfortunately, I was fed false hope and absolute nonsense, but could not see it as I was going through this. When I woke up and faced reality, I realized that what I was being told was NOT REALITY and did not make sense. If the advisors were “humane” and had some sort of integrity, they would have helped me to face the truth instead of feeding me bullshit over and over. I have forgiven myself for the thousands that I have spent to some advisors charging $11.00 a minute or $6.00 a minute. Imagine, with all the calls these people get, they are making a thousand dollars a day at these rates – off of our sweat, pain and tears. The sad thing is that they really do not give a sh**t about you. It makes me angry, but it was my choice to contact Liveperson at the time so I have to forgive myself, move on and don’t look back. I am sharing this because after you wake up from going through so much, you have to share these things to move on. You realize how cruel people are and how they will run a game on you even when you are down and out. I cant bring back my money, but I will NEVER use this service again. I will rely on myself, my higher self and my gut. The advisors I used were Raven Franks, Pyschic Sexy Balla and Golden Eye. For over a year I relied on these advisors for support and after thousands of dollars later – realized I was being played. When I let them know that what I was being told did not make sense – they vanished. The truth sometimes kick you in the ass. 2010 has been challenging, but I am thankful that I have awaken to myself and all the bullshit that people are capable of. One time the fool – but never twice. My advise to all those calling these advisors – hug yourself when you are going through something, alow yourself to cry then face the reality of your situation, forgive yourself and move on. You will be a much better person for dealing with your situation on your own and facing reality – and you will have MONEY IN THE BANK instead of giving it to these hoolagans.

  13. The Online Psychic November 7, 2010 7:01 pm

    Hi LT,
    Thank you for your sincere comment on this post and I am sorry to hear about your bad experiences.
    I have had psychic readings as well that have been worthless and misleading, luckily it didn’t cost me a lot. However I have also had readings face to face with someone I believe was genuine. She was very specific with the information she gave me, almost shockingly accurate. I also have a couple acquaintances who are spiritual counselors and I know that their hunches and feelings about things are generally spot on.
    I think you are probably right though that some people would be better off following their gut and seeking comfort from within or from friends and family. It is sad that there are people out there who will take advantage of emotionally vulnerable people.

  14. roxy November 11, 2010 4:37 pm

    ok i did have a reading from david james in 2008 and his predictions came true. he is indeed blunt but he doesnt mean to be rude —hes quick and i think he is actually gifted. thats my opinion and ill be back to comment after I get an updated reading from him.

  15. Lee November 20, 2010 6:02 pm

    I have had several readings over the past year or more with Master Enigma. I have found his readings to be extremely precise, and found him a comfort to talk with. His advise was always sensible, telling me to focus on me, which was exactly what i needed to do. He very very quickly came with the answers, and was definite, even when i questioned him. He isn’t flowery, or sugar coating, says is as it is, straight to the point, and doesn’t go on and on, which i find helpful. He is also one of the cheapest on LivePerson, which is why i thought i’d give him a go in the first place. (not too much to lose) He gave me dates, and they were 100% accurate.
    Anyway, i just felt he was getting a bad wrap on here, and my experience with ME has been positive. I do hope his next predictions are accurate also. i guess only time will tell huh

  16. Bev December 10, 2010 7:26 pm

    Mistress Libi is fantastic, non-judgmental and has been spot on so far with me and picks up on things about my concerns…give her a go and you wont be disappointed

  17. Mickey December 15, 2010 11:36 am

    Hello I wanted to make sure to leave my comments about David James! he is real and has made strong predictions in my life 6 months in advance. So he is a favorite. I also favor Fruno and CandyBarr. Theres are the experts I have noticed in the past 3 years to be true. Master Enigma was very rude as i have heard many others say. Good Luck

  18. Kiersten December 26, 2010 1:41 am

    I think it should be noted that some of these psychics nail it for some people, but not for others. While one person believed Eve to be incredibly accurate, she’s been telling me since May that my ex would be the only one who mattered and coming back into my life (first by August, then October, then November…now it’s almost January.) If you’re willing to spend the money to browse around and see who ends up working best for you, then I’m sure you’ll come up with SOMEONE who gets it. I’ve also noticed that a lot of people can pick up stuff on your situations that are so accurate you can’t help but to think it’s all going to be true. But not every psychic gets it 100% right all the time. I think every person I’ve talked to has said things that make me go “Wow…how did he/she know that?!”

    And as for Mystic Sandra, I tried her again just because I love talking to her in general and am interested in her tarot skills and the things she said are unfolding as so. But if what a tarot reader sees changes on the drop of a dime, what’s the point of going to them? She told me it was the “start of a great love and commitment” with my last man and boy was that a freaking joke.

    I also want to correct myself because Psychic Sophina was probably 98% accurate in her reading, I just wasn’t able to see it at the time because it really sounded farfetched. She’ll be the one I go to from now on. Unfortunately she’s upped her prices and won’t give you any free connection time beforehand so I’m not sure what her motives are.

    I’ve never tried ME and I get mixed reviews from him, as the people on this page have shown. Maybe I’ll speak with him since he’s so cheap and report back on his predictions!

  19. kim January 7, 2011 1:57 am

    I’m new to Liveperson and yes i do admit that it does take advantage of vulnerable people, which is sad. and sadder that psychic abilities and clairvoyance, of which i am a believer as it does run in my family, and i have grown up seeing an feeling it with my own eyes, is something that cannot be easily proven or verified. so while i have had some psychics that were so eerily spot on and i should have listened to in retrospect, you get the odd few ( quite a few actually) who tell u wrong predictiosn and try to make you believe firmly that they are right.
    personally i felt no rapport with Spiritual Diagnosis, he’s a bit unbelievable. I like Rani, but i dont know how true she is. i thought spiritual goddess was pretty crappy. she completely ignored my intuitive feelings and disregarded my strong connections with someone. and i swear i am spot on when it comes to knowning who i share a strong past life connection, i aways have had a strong intuition about who is going to be significant good or bad. sa far…. all of them i have sought have told me this person will return at the same time…. they all predicted the actual time at the same time.. and have correctly picked up on the fact that there were strong connections on the soul level. so…we’ll see when the time comes.

  20. kim January 9, 2011 1:21 pm

    i have just had the worst experience with The wizardstar and i went based on your review. she was condescending, judgmental and just nasty, imagine charging 8 bucks an hour and she got nasty and went on to tell me off for lecturing her when i told her how i felt. what an absolute bitch. i cut off straightaway and then when i gave her a one star rating… they took it off… how aweful and unethical of these people. she’sa complete hoax and bitch and should be struck off man!!!

  21. SP January 27, 2011 1:28 pm

    Please, please, please don’t spend any of your money on Spiritual-Lee Gifted. She is a script reader and she says alot of the same things to differing clients. I found this out after my reading and requested a refund. Do not buy into her hype! She is my biggest regret on liveperson and I know for sure she scammed me and many others on Liveperson. I also believe Mystic_Angela is just there to feed a fantasy. Do not try.

    The so-called psychics on that site aren’t real. None that I’ve found at least. I do alot of research before trying a reader. Actually Brian’s Guiding Light was accurate for me from the jump and he helped improve my relationship. He saw 2 important things that other psychics never saw and they were the major key components to my situation. Plus, his predictions came to pass. I feel he was real, but I haven’t seen him online in awhile.

    The best tarot card reader there is Tarot Master Mika. He will not feed you a tale and he will tell you the negatives and positives in your situation. He can also see when a rocky road is ahead and when things will be good and he can look at different paths/options for you to take. He reads the cards and applies them to your situation. Everything he’s felt would happen for me, has happened. Whenever I go to him, I ask him to pull the cards for me and he does. He reads the card as he feels they mean to me, and I then verify/confirm if what he says is so. And he’s yet to read the cards incorrectly for me. He is very indepth and knows his Tarot. He’s definitely worth a try and he gives sensible advice that can actually help you.

    I’ve used Pythia Tarot once and her reading was on point too. She is a legit tarot card reader as well. I have been to her once so I can’t review her consistency, but I can tell she is very knowledgeable about the cards.

    I recently tried Arkangel and she has almost no reviews, but from the very beginning of the reading she said some things that she could never guess that were 100% true. Again, I can’t review her consistency, but she got it right with me on the one reading.

    In my experiences, I’ve had alot more success with understanding my situation and getting accurate short-term predictions through a great tarot card reader. And the great thing about tarot is that it’s much easier to change the outcome as the Tarot can tell you the probable outcome. Although I do believe some things are just inevitable. It has also been a great tool for me as far as self-reflection and making changes on my part. And this is coming from a person who never ever liked Tarot cards readings before.

  22. kim January 30, 2011 4:31 am

    i have to disagree about Spiritual-Lee Gifted, she may say things that sound scripted but after a while they are spiritual counsellors, and need to lift ur spirits not make u feel worse. she was spot on about my deepest inner feelings very precise about my feelings about my situation that no one else got.. as for predictions. only time will tell.
    had psychic advisor Dove, she was nice and could actually write proper english, and stuck by her direct predictions.. again only time will tell, she wasnt full of sugarcoating.
    true predictor Fassu was absolute rubbish i had no idea what he was tlaking about, and his picture was of a dark skinned man and he writes in the style of regular american slang, calling me ‘Hun’ throughout. who is his Hun? and after a while his sentences consisted of words that repeated and was sheer nonsence, i cant believe i wasted 5 minutes of paid time on him.

  23. SP February 15, 2011 7:18 am

    No, believe me. Spiritual-Lee Gifted is a scripter. Trust me, I have read many chat transcripts of her sessions with others and they are identical to what she told me. At the time I felt like you…I thought she was precise. I certainly wouldn’t recommend anyone to spend that kind of money on her. There are better and much cheaper options.

    Currently, I can also confirm that Grace Alva got it right with present AND future. Something she predicted twice in January to occur at this time did indeed occur just as she saw it…and it’s a BIG thing and it was something that pretty much noone else saw coming. So, I have to give her lots of credit for that.

  24. Manuella February 20, 2011 11:19 am

    I have been on Liveperson for a little bit more than a year and I think I can give an useful piece of advice or recommendation. First, let me just state my vision of psychics and future forecasts..I believe there are people who have strong intuition and telepathy and therefore they can ”feel” others just like the state they are in and eventually see the direction their situation might go if they follow a certain path (which can change of course) so when I go here, I go to find a true psychic who can tell me what is the current situation and then I can go on from here. Only God knows the accurate future..everything else are just the most certain POSSIBILITIES.
    The psychics I talked to are:
    1. David James – a complete asshole and a hoax. He gave me first time prediction which seemed reasonable but i never actually happened.The second time he said things totally opposite than the things he said the first time. And finally the third time he made somehting up just to get rid of me. He is deifnetelly below expectaton and HAS NO GIFT!

    2. Dr Philip Love – he gave many predictions and most of them were accurate (including specific type of illness and facts about salary amount etc) but after a long time of reading he started being rude for he didnt want to continue giving me free emails and he simply cut me off which I found completely rude. About the major thing he was off the timeline but still all he said about the connection was right. What I disliked was he recommended to me Golden Eye for she was cheaper than him.

    3. Golden Eye – complete BS. She told me I would get pregnant in December .. it is Feb and hey no babies yet :) . Soon she realised she was wrong about all and she continuously was disconnecting. Very rude, unprofessional – a thief!

    4. Elizabeth – a great friend and a psychological support but that is all.

    5. Master Enigma – so far pretty accurate. He asked no names and dob, I asked a very general question and he knew all the details. HE HAS A GIFT. And to my surprise – he is not rude at all , he is serious and short and strict, what I like – with no sugar coating.

    6. Psyhic Maheen – good, precise instinct, but pretty rude recently for last time her predicition was out of time frame but the fact happened as she said it would.

    Psychic Advisor Eve – REFRESHMENT AND A PLEASANT SURPRISE! No details and she gave me more info than I asked for. SHE HAS A GIFT. Everything she said is TRUE and after her reading the very next day things started happening like she said they would. She reads well present and past and about future we shall see.

    My decision is not to use LivePerson anymore but occasionally and to force myself being strong on my own.

    As for readers mentioned above :
    Pyhtia Tarot – liar and a fake.
    Dove – pleasant and good but nothing special.

  25. miabella February 22, 2011 5:59 am

    I have been on live person for a while now. It started a while back when my boyfriend at the time was acting weird. I spoke with Love Psychic Delphi she had told me to give him space and stop pushing my feelings on him and he will relax and everything will work we are meant to be together blah blah blah. Well i was pushing my feelings on him his mother had giving us a ring that was his grandmothers so we can get married and i wanted him to give the damn thing to me already. I have to say i followed what she told me and he did seem to relax for about 3 weeks.

    Something was just not right with the guy and she told me a million times we were meant to be together everything will be fine we will be married he is not cheating on me. Months later he up and left for no reason at that time he also moved this woman into his house that needed “help”. I swear he was cheating on me and he swore no cause the girl is kinda like his step sister. Again i went back Delphi and spent so much money. She swore this girl was after him but he was not into her he was coming back to me. It just did not sit right with me

    At that point i started seeing what everyone else thought i spoke with Love Psychic Salma she said the same thing he is not with her she wants him but he wants you everything will work out.

    I spoke to Psychic love wonders he told me to go on with my life and live and he will come back and everything will work out but i can’t sit here cry about it.

    I spoke to David James. He told me something else and was very dark and make me so sad. He told me the guy is a jerk never loved you will never look back he is gone he a very bad person he will pay for all he done to people he will hurt the girl he is with now like he hurt you. Would not tell me if i would be ok or get married. Dont like him much i think he was nasty and very cold not helpful at all.

    At this point i speak to Magical powers of love. She also told me he would come back and she was very kind and understand in my pain and confusion she swore he would call me. He did he come back we made up just like she said we would. However no one was able to tell me the day after he made up with me he would go home and ask his step sister to marry him with the ring he was given to give to me.

    I never thought that there might be scrips when then talk to people. I guess it does make sense as 4 of them told me the same thing and no one was able to tell me how heart broke i was about to become.

    I have wasted a lot of money on this site. I think if your going to get into this stuff you have to be smart and have self control.
    Although what they say can comfort you at time these people are not god and what they say can only take us so far. I was very dumb with this website and to tell you the truth i still have no answers at this point i am told he made a mistake although i know that on my own. They say he will be back but i don’t know about that i can’t see what he say or do at this point.

    I will say they all told me he was not cheating on me and i think he was from when i first signed up to the web site when i was having problems cause for him to be ready to ask someone to marry him after only 3 weeks of us being apart he must have been doing something behind my back.

    It sucks that i wasted so much money on these people for a guy that was a looser anyways but beyond that i hope everyone always listen to there own gut cause when i was sitting her night after night crying over this guy while these people are telling me he loves me and will be back they are helping me hold on to him when i should have just let go and i am very lucky to have a great family that helped me through it when he told me he was getting married cause its very easy to just go crazy in pain and heartache. I hope everyone finds what they are looking for but be smart to don’t waste your money but besides that don’t hurt yourself i did and it was not worth it.

  26. The Online Psychic February 22, 2011 12:11 pm

    thank you miabella and everyone else for taking the time to comment and share your experiences with liveperson, the good and the bad. hopefully through the experiences of the people that have commented here, others will be able to make educated choices when it comes to the decision to get a reading or not and whom may offer genuine guidance. thanks again everyone for sharing!

  27. Katy February 22, 2011 12:36 pm

    i was addicted to Liveperson back in 2008 so i can give you my personal opinion. here are good psychics i found in 2008;
    BrigitWhispers: i still remember her reading was very impressive. bummer shes not online anymore.
    Pure Empathy
    Advisor S.F (was Shining More Love)
    Siobhan Darroch (was Judith Kreindel)
    Psychic Tarot Andrew
    they were right about my situation and gave me a wake-up call.

    nice advice but not a psychic;
    Fiona Beck (was Psychic lessons in love)

    i found them wrong/ wouldnt recommend;
    Golden Eye: tell you what you wanna hear
    Master Enigma: yes he was right about the contact but wrong after all
    Psychic Love Guru 7: yeah script
    Psychic Love And Light (was PSYCHIC READER AND HEALER): hey i thought it was a girl back then?!
    Psychic Angel Love (was Master Psychic Owen)

    ive got to wonder…why they change their names? this is confusing… but yeah right, its best not to use Liveperson often.

  28. Julia March 19, 2011 8:51 am

    Psychic Tarot Andrew, I have found to be kind, fast typer, and his time lines have been accurate twice down to the day, am currently waiting on a 3rd timeline, so will update. He gives spiritual advice. I have used him three times, with 4 week spaces inbetween, each time I log on he is incredibly friendly, and treats me like a friend, with respect and honesty. He does not drag things out, reads the tarot fast and picked up on my problem quickly.

  29. La'Vonne April 4, 2011 9:42 am

    I am sorry I didn’t read the comments on this site before investing my money and time on the reader David… He was very rude and arrogant. I have had readings with the best readers on Psychic Source ans Psychis Assess, California Psychics, and Hollywood Psychics and they all told me the same story with very similar time frames. David made me feel so depressed after her rude reading! I will NEVER use this source ever again

  30. La'Vonne April 4, 2011 9:43 am

    Sorry I left the surname off…It was David James.

  31. mike April 5, 2011 4:00 pm

    ok, first let me start out by saying i went and saw a psychic medium in person where i live back in november. she was so accurate and just started to tell me what was going on in my life, what thoughts i had, what happened with my ex, etc…i was blown away, no way was she fake.

    also told me that in april or may my ex and her new BF would split up. she would need time to come nack from that but in that time we connect back together again. that she will take me back in 8 months to a year depending on me.

    ive been on liveperson for a bit reading reviews, etc…and ive had 2 readings so far, waiting on a 3rd(email as im a slow typer reader and not rich).

    Spiritual Divini Service was my first and while she seemed sweet she just seemed so far off. told me in 2-3 months things will change and that i will marry my ex this year. the time frame is what i was told in novemeber but everything else seemed off.

    Psychic Andi was up next. she really seemed to connect it seemed. told me end of may she will take me back but whe would quickly leave me for an ex. however, she would take me back. after emailing her who the ex was she replied josh or john and she wasnt with this ex now. her current BF is gary and im her ex, before me is her babies father and let me tell you THAT ISNT HAPPENING.

    i am currently waiting for my reading from amber…into the soul. hopefully, she is accurate, she has alot of good reviews and didnt really find any bad ones. she talked to me on email about alot of stuff before i even asked her to read for me. she seemed really sweet.

    i have noticed by reading alot of reviews you see on some alot of the same names psoting 10+ times. there was one that had the same 4-5 names postin good reviews 10+ times. beware of those ones and i reccomend reading alot of reviews before picking who to use.

  32. Lu April 7, 2011 9:47 am

    I became very addicted to liveperson last year when I was dating a totally crazy person who – unfortunately for me – I was completely in love with. Over the past 1.5 I’d say I’ve tried, and also relied on so many quote-unquote psychics on liveperson, and am horrified to say how much I’ve spent because even I can’t believe it myself. After much trial and error here’s what I’ve discovered:

    LOVE WHISPERER DANIEL G – Seems like he’s a genuine intuitive but his timelines are off, and nothing he’s said has come to pass.

    LOVE PSYCHIC MICHAEL G – He told me the same thing over and over again – she would pursue me again – but his timelines were never right, and when he told me her new GF was attracted to me (hello, I’ve never even met that woman), I finally figured out he was full of sh*t.

    RAVEN FRANKS – I came to depend on her for about 5 months, and while some of her predictions did come to pass, she lead me on with dates my ex was going to make a decision to come back – timelines which got extended over and over again. When I confronted her, she said my ex had obvious made another decision, but I had moved on so that was a better decision for me. WHAT?! The whole reason I work with a pychics is so they can see into situation and provide intuitive insight. If the situation wasn’t going in that direction I would NEVER have bothered to waste my money.

    DIVINE TIMING 777 – Sonia is great. I like her as a person. She’s a real pitbull, and I like to connect with her when I’m needing to be pumped up. But, in all honesty, none of her predictions have come to pass.

    AZZRIAN VISIONS – I believe AZ is a true psychic because she tells me what is going on and she is generally correct. However, if she is also part therapist because she will guide you in a new direction if she feels it will be better. So, sometimes it’s hard to decipher between what is probably going to happen, and what I need to be doing.

    CARING READINGS BY TRACEY (REAL READINGS BY TRACEY) – I have seen the comments by a few disgruntled clients on the RipOff Report. However, in my experience Tracey is one of the few genuine psychics in LP. Aside from Azzrian, Tracey has been the most correct about my situation than anyone. In fact, when I first read with her a year ago I didn’t like her because what she told me wasn’t what I wanted to hear. But when I realized she was the only person who had told me the truth – and who has now correctly predicted so many things – she’s now only one of two folks I rely on, if at all. That said, she and Az defer on the direction of my situation, so we’ll just have to see what time will tell.


    MASTER ENIGMA – I can tell you the same thing for free. Keep the focus on yourself. Go to an AlAnon meeting. Geez.

    GOLDEN EYE – Script reader.

    ZOHARA – Nice lady but no psychic

    VIBRANT SPIRIT – Hopeful, but waste of time, and wanted money for spells, etc. BS

  33. cavecate April 9, 2011 2:36 am

    I was somewhat addicted to Liveperson for the past six months too. Now, I have found that most readers turned me away due to not having a connection with me which was odd. I think it is honest for a true reader to tell me this if it was the case, but since 5 out of 6 readers would turn me down I began to wonder if those who did not turn me down were inaccurate and scammers.. None of the readings I was given were accurate. Sophie Reunite Lovers and Genuine Love Readings are both scripted and inaccurate. Although Tomorrow by Tabitha was nice, her reading was inaccurate also. Advisor by Jenny was the worst! Stay away from her. She doesn’t answer your questions and repeats the same information. Unfortunately, she was the first person I went to and didn’t find this out until before I knew it, I lost $35.

  34. Dee April 20, 2011 3:14 am

    I am fortunate to have found this forum. Began with liveperson beginning of april, your input very helpful. I tried David James and his first statement he made was way off and he was abrasive so i disconnected right away … thanks for the heads up on Golden Eye, was buying into it. Too early for me to provide any positives, I will followup later .. thanks everyone.

  35. karen May 15, 2011 11:52 am

    Hi I have been using live person for a while I feel that Wind song is pretty accurate but I often think they share client information with each other when you try and contact a reader on live person a buzzer goes off on their end and this allows them a chance to see whose trying to reach them and get a previous transcript if they have read for them before
    Some do have a honest gift,but others mislead people who are vulnerable and I believe that they will always be truthful with you and not tell you what you want to hear.

  36. Kim June 5, 2011 2:29 am

    sadly i now learned spiritual lee gifted is indeed a script reader. nothing she has said has come true so far.
    i thought dee clare was great in style really communicates deeply she can paint and describe a situaiont just like it is. accurate. as for predictions, only time will tell .
    readings with christina was also another one who could nail specific facts and see visions of things that she couldnt have just guessed, i actually freak out. as for time predcitions again, time will tell, but i sadly feel all of them wanted to sugarcoat and i think i now know the truth better

  37. Jan Molin June 5, 2011 8:44 am

    Reading some of the above comments, i felt like writing. I have been visiting various psychics sources, Liveperson, keen etc. But i found one thing very common. Predictions never came true. Thas the bottom line. Almost everyone will tell that things will change etc in 3 or 4 months.Never happend. I spent fortune on these psychics, but met only one or two who caught up with the situation, otherwise it is just a money making business. This is my review.
    David James, master Z are both arrogant.
    POwerful visions may give some good readings, but very costly and way off in predictions.
    Isabella is relatively better than others.
    Wind song is very arogant ,dont mind hurting people who come to her for help. I found her very insulting.
    Althose who write Reunite with lovers all frauds. They disgrace the true psychics.
    I think most of these people have one common agenda, get 5 stars and play with people who are recently hurt.
    Preety difficult ot find one good psychic.

  38. sarah June 19, 2011 3:08 pm

    I had a reading with Vine and she is incredible. The psychic readings appear to show one thing, you are all being taken for a ride with the 5 star rating system and paying for people to tell you that your partner is coming back to you.


  39. Hailey June 21, 2011 12:10 am

    I’ve read with liveperson before, and I have found very few to be helpful, I personally prefer Bitwine, as their rates are much lower. I like **Psychic Araya** on *Bitwine*, I think she also has a listing on Live Person.. not sure though. But if I had to choose anyone psychic on Live Person, I would probably go with *Dee Clare, she is good and also on Bitwine, her predictions have came to pass for me, as have Psychic Araya’s, although she is fairly New. I also like **Lady Celest and **Veruska18 on Keen, although they are a bit pricey….. Good Psychics though. I was ripped off by Master E, he just gave me a bunch of fluff, as did Peter Doswell, he is all about the money, because his prices are ridiculous.

  40. Shannon June 21, 2011 6:45 am

    I have used many different sites and psychics. Time hasnt passed enough to know if anything is true. Im just going to list, since it has been many!
    Lighthelp aka Pat (Liveperson)- He made me feel really comfortable and felt a connection with him. First time I felt like there was a real person there.
    Fruno (LP)- I did like him, until I read other reviews that had the basic outline of my reading.
    David James(LP)- SOOO rude, never went back to him
    Tomorrow by Tabitha- Like with Lighthelp, I felt a connection with her. Seems to be pretty sure in what she says, and with price cant go wrong.
    Advisor S.F- She told me straight and did not waste any time, which is always appreciated.

    Has anyone else ever contacted Rosemary Price? She has a website and you can email her.

    Many of the people said the same thing, except David James. But he came off in a really negative way, I could not continue.

  41. Kasey June 25, 2011 6:50 am

    I have used more psychics on Liveperson than I would even care to admit. The ONLY one who has been correct in predictions (down to the day) has been Dancing Voices. He also operates on Bitwine and is cheaper on that site. I would HIGHLY recommend him. All the others that I have used on Liveperson have been incorrect and have inflated ratings due to the faulty ratings system used by Liveperson.

  42. Suzanne July 1, 2011 4:09 am

    I started consulting Liveperson psychics 1 1/2 years ago about an on again/off again relationship I was in. When it was on again, I did not feel the need to consult. When it was off again I was desperate for hope, comfort, and something to soothe my pain. I am ashamed and appalled at how much money I spent on this site. Money I really couldn’t afford to spend. There were some psychics who must have had ability because they described my relationship and the problems in so much detail. However, their predictions never came to pass. My on again/off again relationship is currently off again. I recently consulted three live person psychics. One is new to the site, psychic Mikki. She was amazing in that she really described my former boyfriend, his problems, and our relationship in incredible detail. She doesn’t need birthdates but only names. She said he would be returning to me at the beginning of August,but it would be shaky. I consulted the Psychic “Readings with Sebastion”. Sebastion gave me a similar reading as Mikki about the relationship and the timeline of a return at the beginning of August. Sebastion wasn’t as precise in detail as Mikki, but tended to be more vague and ramble on. However, he seemed to think the relationship had too much going for it to give up on it. Mikki and Sebastion both reassured me that my ex boyfriend was not interested in anyone else and still had deep feelings for me. Then I decided to get an email reading with Jill Dahne who is a well known psychic, listed as the number 1 love psychic in the book, Top 100 Psychics in America. From all the testimonials and reviews, she seems to be genuine and amazingly accurate. So I got my email answer today to my question about the future of my relationship with my ex. Jill told me that he had been in love with me which, between the lines, implied he did not love me now. That he was going to meet someone else. That he and I were never going to get together again. That I needed to close the door on that chapter of my life or I would waiting for him forever. That I would meet someone else who would be the love of my life (Right now that does not make me feel any better). I now feel devastated. The one email with Jill was only $40. If I had just emailed her to begin with, it would have saved me a lot of money and false hope. I realize that for me seeking psychics and getting readings was only putting off the pain of going through the recovery process of getting over and accepting the end of a relationship. It is so easy to get addicted to psychic readings when you are in crisis. Fortunately I recently started seeing a counselor who can, hopefully help me get through this. No more psychics for me.

  43. milo July 11, 2011 10:04 am

    I have tried the following liveperson psychics and here is what I have found so far–
    MysticMaggie seems real so far, she is nice and doesn’t blow bubbles up your bum. KnowingAngel (Karen) also was good, she was spot on with the current situation, and was very generous with emails. I would recommend her highly.
    Divine Timing 777, Sonia, gave timelines that didn’t pan out at all. She gets nasty when questioned and will block you.
    Master Enigma is an idiot. He contradicts himself and then gives lame excuses as to why things don’t happen. He also blocks you if you question him.
    Psychic Tarot Andrew has read me 3 times, do not know of outcome as of yet, but timing has been pushed out a bit, no more than a week though. so we shall see. I went under 2 dif names and his timings and predictions line up with each other though. He is very nice.
    Angels for you, Ann, she’s a wacky old hag that feeds you alot of BS. I would not recommend her at all. She predicted kids and marriage to the person in question, I didn’t even get the contact she predicted, never mind the marriage and kids. Shame on her for fillin gpeople with lies and false hopes. Larkeden is also full of BS. nothing she predicted happened, AND she had the nerve to predict marriage and children with the person I aksed about, even when I told her to tell me the good OR BAD. She still lied about it. WHY would someone do that to someone in distress ??
    Raven Franks, total scam ripoff artist. full of BS, and a script reader. Miss Jada the same thing. Sincere Shannon is just a person who poses as, and then wants to give helpful advice, she is not a psychic.
    Psyhic love and light is not psychic, he just runs his mouth nonstop with useless info of how someone feels, or whatever, nothing you can verify, and at almost 17 bucks a min he was TOTALLY wrong with the 1 contact prediction. psychic power is a fresh mouthed little punk of a girl who never got the slaps she needed as a kid. She isn’t psychic either. Many other frauds so watch out !!!!

  44. Rachel July 18, 2011 7:33 pm

    I actually like Liveperson, and have found that a few of their psychics are legit. However, the problem with these online psychic hotlines is that it is hard to find a psychic who has actual “psychic” abilities. I would say that the majority of the psychics whom I have spoken with do not have actual “psychic” abilities, but do give great advice, which in turn I feel gives you a better outlook on your situation. I’ve tried Liveperson, Bitwine, Keen, Asknow, and Psychic Source psychics. Psychics I have had positive results with and whom I think do have real actual “psychic” abilities: Aeris from live person (caught on situation fast, uplifting energy), David James from Live Person and Bitwine (though many don’t like him bc he is so straightfoward, this man’s predictions have come to pass for me. Farey Lady – sometimes dates are a little off, but has never failed a prediction for me, very kind woman, Twin Flames Love Readings on Bitwine she has picked up names, initials, events, etc. but a little off on time frames, she is very kind as well, Reunite Lovers off of Liveperson, she has been dead on with most predictions. Honestly, I feel that what matters the most when choosing a psychic is that you can connect with them. If I don’t feel a connection, I automatically hang up because I don’t want to waste my time nor the psychic’s time as well as my money on someone who won’t be able to identify my situation accurately. So that is ultimately what I feel is most important the connection and of course the ratings and level of documented accuracy. And I also agree with that if you need counseling you should seek counseling bc sometimes predictions can change as I have come to realize by adjustments in my own personal attitude it seems when I am feeling positive everything else in my life is positive and at other times when I am negative everything else is as well and most psychics will even tell you that you are the one who controls your destiny but I guess there is nothing wrong with seeking a little guidance from time to time just be careful not to blow your life savings.

  45. almond July 24, 2011 11:52 am

    I started using Liveperson about a month ago and am so disappointed to read all these bad reviews about the psychics who have been obviously just giving me false hope.

    Thus far I have used:

    Raven Franks – she seems very positive and did give me some hope. However her prediction seems very unrealistic. But I suppose I will see in a months time.

    Psychic Andrews Light (was psychic tarot andrew I think) – he’s very friendly and I do like the way he does his rune readings. Unfortuntely I always run out of funds during his reading so I have never got up to getting any specific time frames but he has said that my ex will be back in the near future.

    Spiritual love reader – very positive but sounded like he was just saying what he thought I wanted to hear. Again he said in upcoming months my and ex and I will be back together. Only time will tell I suppose.

    Master Enigma – I love that he answers questions very quickly with no beating around the bush. Straight away he said we would be back together in late August. I used another account to check and he said September. So timeframes seem to be changing.

    Vibrant Spirit – fills the reading with so much BS. Said we would get back together in August. Also said possible marriage by the end of the year – no way! Again, I think he is saying stuff to keep me happy.

    Jeenifer – very vague and not specific about anything. Saying there are issues and obstacles but not really saying what they are. She did mention another lady interfering which I really do not believe at this stage. I think she was just taking a wild stab. Said in the future there will be positive changes and he will make some good moves. Who even knows what that means.

    Rani – complete and utter BS! just made up a whole bs story about my ex that is so far from the truth.

    Spiritual psychic readings – can be very hard to understand and repeats herself a lot to use up time. But she has given the same predictions as all the other psychics.

    So either they’ve all predicted correctly – or they are all telling me things will work out to keep me happy. Will know within the next month or so. I really hope they turn out to be genuine :(

  46. Misty August 2, 2011 12:03 am

    I just tried Clare Dee. She said she would connect with me.. she took her time. but then she assumed I was in a love triangle and i was trying to make a choice between them. Wrong. after reading reviews here I had great expectations

  47. Pearl August 3, 2011 3:39 pm

    I have only done David James on Liveperson. He said several things which was spot on. Many things he told me was uncanny and it’s true. He was not rude, arrogant or anything like that. He did not waste time. I didn’t even have to finish a sentence and he had answered stuff that no one would know except myself. Have anyone ever thought perhaps, he was being honest about yourself, what you perceive yourself to be is not necessary what others perceive of you.

  48. Pearl August 4, 2011 11:43 pm

    I tried psychic Andrew light and I am wondering how he got so many good reviews. He ask so many questions, I might have just told him my whole life story and have him regurgitate it back to me. There was nothing psychic about him and he tries to drag it out.

  49. josey August 9, 2011 8:32 am

    I’ve tried quite a few of these people over the past 4 years.
    David James has been spot on. He’s got a rough bedside manner so to speak, but worth it for his information.
    Marshall- total joke. I talked to him longest & nothing ever came to pass
    Golden Eye – her time frames were dead on. She never changed her position on anything, even when things weren’t looking so bright.
    her english isn’t so great but her predictions were for me.
    As a side note, recently i talked to both David James and Golden eye about a friend of mine and what was going on with her. They both said she was having a mental health issue and would get help from a family friend. They were both correct.

  50. Renne August 11, 2011 3:52 am

    I’ve tried OneIntuitivesoul Many MANY Times and she was correct on Each occasion! There was a delay in a few of her prediction say by a week or two but she was always on target! I started going to her own personal web site after I did what you did .. meaning did a search engine on her screen name and low and behold! she had her own site .. I guess that they have to charge more on these sites just to make a decent amount of $$.. I have also tried MASTER Z.. he was REALLY Good and accurate just as well but this was before his prices were $20 per minute! I spoke with him when he was charging about $4 per minute. It’s been a while I suppose as he is soo expensive
    $40 for two minute .. aack!!!

  51. justme August 17, 2011 7:34 am

    whatever you do, do not use spiritual reuniter on liveperson, she used to be gia gainze on bitwine and she is a total fraud. she also goes by maria (live)and tiffany mcgill. she is a scammer. on keen i like lisa dianne and aries intuition and on psychic source caitlin and amy. catlin has had many predictions come thru, she has amazing energy and a unique reading style. unfortunatley ps is a bit hard o use as you can not get in line and they are expensive.

  52. Mojo August 20, 2011 11:31 am

    @ almond Psychic Andrew’s light is not the same person as Psychic Tarot Andrew

  53. jessica August 22, 2011 3:42 pm

    Hi , Has anyone had any experience with the psychics on Please do share with us. So that it might help me in deciding whether i should talk to them or not?

  54. Melissa August 23, 2011 6:23 am

    I have used LP for a few years and am ashamed to say, have spent a ridiculous amount of money. Here are some of my experiences:

    Sebastian: I liked him a lot and still believe he has a real gift. He was spot on with predictions pertaining to my job and also on some pertaining to the person in question. I would have continued talking to him, but after a year or so of being my go to reader, we had a small fallen out and I didn’t feel the connection anymore.

    Amber….Into The Soul: I had about 4 readings with her and liked her at first, but when I reacted in a “what???!!!” kind of way on the last reading, instead of explaining what she had said, she immediately disconnected and blocked me. I found that completely unproffesional.Her predictions never came to pass either.

    Wizard Star: A mean old woman! I was still in the free minutes when she told me she’d pray for me. Don’t do me any favors, lady!

    Alexandra: An arrogant reader with a meanness in her. She tried to ridicule and humiliate me in a “I told you so” kind of way. It’s one thing to be blunt and honest, but another to be mean. The person in question did prove her wrong for the most part.

    Quiet Sound: Lovely woman. I had a couple of picture readings with her and she read them well.

    Dancing Voice: Really liked him at first and spoke with him for a couple of months. Then out of nowhere, he abruptly ended a reading we were in the middle of and blocked me. I went back and read the transcipt to see if there was something I might have said or done wrong, but nope. I still don’t know what happened there. In any case, predictions didn’t come to pass either.

    Wind Song: I think this is her name. She was pretty arrogant as well and had strict guidelines. She refused to do an online chat with me and said it would be best to do a phone reading. I called her the next day and she asked me how much money I had put in for the reading. I believe I had enough for her required minimum in minutes. She said she couldn’t do the reading. She seemed to be all about the money.

    Also, these readers have account information on us and keep notes. They can see our name and even though we can change our screennames, we can’t change our acccount number and that is how they know who we are even when we change our screennames. Don’t think it’s because they’re “psychic”. Although some are. I also believe some do speak with each other. I say that because after I spoke with Alexandra and Wizard Star, I tried speaking to Psychic Amber and Shoeshone w/o luck. They had blocked me before ever speaking to them.

    It’s great that someone started this and hopefully more people will add their experiences on here as well.

  55. Sharon August 27, 2011 6:22 am

    Yes indeed there are trusted,reliable psychic readers on Liveperson. Hold your mouse over the stars to see their actual ratings. Just because 5 stars are shown, doesn’t mean 5.00. The 5-star remains until a reader drops (I think) to about 4.74 – Now, like I said yes, there are tried and true readers on Liveperson. Because a reader is on page one does NOT mean they are the best!! I have seen one reader remain constantly logged on and their photo/bio started to move towards the top of the page as others logged off hahaha. Do not let their “order” fool you. Use your mouse over the stars to see actual score, read the reviews. 4.95 and higher would be a good starting point. Good luck!!

  56. Renae August 28, 2011 4:11 am

    I was excited to have found the liveperson site, but I’m even happier to have found this site before I wasted my money.

    I contacted GOLDEN EYE based on her rating and number of reviews. She asked when was the last time I saw my partner – well I live with him. She then went on to say I had trust issues with him. When I replied “no, none whatsoever”, I was disconnected. I then decided to try MASTER ENIGMA, once again based on rating/reviews. I asked if I’d have another child. He said “no”. I then asked why and he replied “it just won’t happen”. I said ” well, I’m seriously considering it and fall pregnant very easily”. He asked if I had another question. I went to reply “yes” – but he disconnected.

    Obviously, these two “psychics” were both so on the wrong track that they cut me off. Although I was disappointed at the time by being abruptly cut off, I’m now relieved and will not be using this site ever again.

  57. Anonymous September 1, 2011 2:55 am

    I just wanted to add that I have also talked to a lot of psychics and the ones whose predictions have been spot on are Grace Alva and Prophetess4u. Jah bless. Grace saw something that seemed so far fetched that I just thought it was all not possible. She told me to seek it out. I did not but low and behold, that thing she kept seeing for me turns out was true. I am stunned.

  58. Caroline September 2, 2011 8:45 am

    I wish i knew this website before.. I got scammed by a Annie on bitwise, she wasn’t even reading what i was writing i think. I went to her to ask for some advise about my relationship with my bf, we split up and than we came back together 2 months ago and i just wanted some advises about his feelings so that he wont leave me again. At the end of the session she told me that she can see him coming back to me at the end of the year to start a new life together.
    Anyway, a couple of days ago I had an amazing tarot reading. I don’t believe in clairevoyant anymore or all this spiritual stuff. The girl was reading the tarots in an amazing way, i didn’t need to give her names or date of births or anything. I didn’t even need to tell her what was my problem. From time to time she was checking if she was interpreting correctly. She told me that i shouldn’t thrust someone close to me because he/she was just using me temporary to fill a gap. My boyfriend and I split up and I discovered that we came back together this summer just because he was waiting for a girl coming back from summer holidays. And I didn’t tell her anything! Just that i had a love issue and she told me that she didn’t want to know what was my problem, because it didn’t matter to the cards. Best reading ever. It was on bitwine and not on live person and her name is Laura wiccan tarot reader. On live person i tried annette marie… really vague and nothing special, fruno instead was quite good but too fast to jump on conclusions..

  59. Donna September 20, 2011 10:12 pm

    Im embarrassed to say that I too,have been addicted to LivePerson and until recently still would have been. I have spent in excess of $15,000 AUD in the last 18 months and it took the liveperson rating system to finally make me see that the system is as shonky as they come. I have just gone back through all my ratings after reading this site and have realised that lp have not posted any ratings I left that were lower than a 3. I have complained – but the damage was done or in my case the light shone done on me lol.
    The BEST person on lp I would recommend would be Katharine as she is more for mentoring but also is a true master psychic. Although she prefers for us to live in the now but has been VERY accurate with all her predictions to date me for over 18mths.
    Love Psychic Emma – Very good too. All her predictions from 10 mths ago have indeed come true.
    Maya Moon is also good – predictions come true.
    Ambers Light is very uplifting and very sage advice and predictions have all come true.
    Eye to the Souls is very good too soma predictions come true.
    David James- should be banned and seriously put into a humanity class he is disgusting- below is a direct cut n paste from him.
    “The connection you have is purely betwen the legs, nothing more. Nor will it become more. es you can let this obsession go and move on with your life.”
    Psychic Mark Wright – Dont bother not one thing come true nor even sounded right after reflection. He brings into the reading alot of sexual talk which made me very uncomfortable.
    Psychic Safina – no good just mumbo jumbo and half assed astrology crap

  60. breezy October 5, 2011 5:32 pm

    I actually think Master Enigma is the best psychic on liveperson. I have tried many psychics there and he is the only one who gave me an accurate time frame. He told me the day my ex would contact me and my ex did contact me on that day. He knew my whole situation without me giving him names or DOBs and he won’t waste your money. I know now that it is best for me to trust in God for everything I need and all my future situations because God is the only one who knows the true outcome of your life. But Master Enigma is a true psychic he’s just short and to the point.

  61. sasha October 6, 2011 2:55 am

    I use lp regularly..i have an addiction which is out of control.. i contact psychics several times a day.. when im not on a computer i will be calling psychics. Anyway, this is my list ..

    Michael G – not sure about prediction, time hasnt come to pass yet..but he did’nt even give me 3 free minutes, he asked me to hire straight away which i did’nt like

    Master Enigma – At first i thought he was good, and still thinks he can give good advice.. but he is a fake..not a psychic at all. In the past he has said some things that have come true, but not recently.

    spiritual diagnosis – complete fake

    most are complete fakes

    the good ones:

    Patricia Colman – not 100% accurate but many things have come true

    Lady Kathryn – very accurate

    btw – don’t trust all the comments on here – psychics from lp can easily be writing about themselves….alot of spell casters do that

  62. T.D. October 6, 2011 11:31 am

    8 of the 10 listed are known scammers. Who’s behind this site anyway? You might as well add Fruno and Watchman Aquiya. pfffffft.

  63. Atul Roy October 7, 2011 10:46 pm

    Tell me that “where Kepler Telescope (perhaps, Kepler Space Telescope) can find an extrasolar planet hosting nuclear war?”

    If you are going to financially charge me for this message, respond back to me.

  64. JH October 14, 2011 7:44 pm

    All of your psychic links on this page are totallyyyyy out of date…. anyone still monitoring this site at all?

  65. Kristel October 19, 2011 8:48 pm

    Hi there, I’ve just started using Live Person and have spoken to 3 psychics so far. I don’t think there names have come up here but if you have seen them please let me know. I’m not going to put my impressions on them until after! Thank you.

    Spiritual Goddess
    Azziran Visions
    Psychic Reader and Healer

  66. E-beth October 21, 2011 1:01 pm

    I am so glad I found this site! It is heartening to know that other people have had experiences similar to mine.

    I first went on Liveperson because I’m clairvoyant and pre-cognizant, but was having trouble with a vision I’d had, about a relationship, not coming to fulfillment and I didn’t understand what was going on. Over the past 7 years, I have contacted a number of “psychics” (on LP and elsewhere) regarding this and their “readings” have pretty much been split 50-50. As in: Positive 50%, he loves you, is afraid, but will come around and, negative 50%, he loves you, is afraid, but will never come around. So, in my efforts to find clarity, I contacted on LP (not necessarily in this order):

    David James: Very abrupt, but not quite rude, in negative 50%, BUT there was someone else for me whom I would meet in a few months (didn’t happen).

    Shoshone: Nice, in positive 50%, BUT still hasn’t happened.

    Ambers Light: Ditto Shoshone, BUT still hasn’t happened.

    Quiet Sound: In negative 50%, recent reading, don’t know yet if her prediction of meeting someone else with 1st name or last name beginning with “N” will come true.

    Divine Timing 777 (now S E V E N-7-S E V E N), aka Sonia: In positive 50% and sent me follow-up email after my time ran out (not surprising at $18.60/min, who has the money to spend $1,116/hr?), but was very rude after I explained my three star rating had to do with how much she charges. She said she was going to refund my money (it wasn’t), and “have me investigated” because I was “a spiritual person out to sabotage her reputation” as an expert more than a cut above the “regular” experts. Because she was so wrong about me, I didn’t have a lot of faith in her prediction that the man involved would come around (which also seems to be wrong as the relationship seems to be at a mutual, though not unfriendly, end).

    The Spirit Whisperer: Negative 50%, told me to use the o’po’ono (sp?) mantra, but didn’t tell me it would make me feel a whole lot worse before it made me feel better. When I emailed her about this, she said, “Oh, didn’t I tell you that? I must have told someone else.” Not a confidence builder.

    Mystic Knight: Totally off-base, I ended almost right away.

    Master Z: Seemed at first to connect, but then was just generic (I mean, don’t most people consult a psychic about their love life?), he became very angry when I didn’t give him the 5 stars he felt he deserved, he DEMANDED I change my rating to 5 stars!!! OMG!!!

    Maya Moon D,Div.: Asked before hiring if I believed I had a “higher self”, then ended session when I said, “Yes.” Refused to explain when I emailed her and became very rude.

    I need to say here that I am very respectful of these people and just want information to help me make right decisions.

    Julia Angel: Most recently contacted, in positive 50%, is a “healer”, feels that “he” will come around after his process of healing. She was very nice, very gentle (I needed that!), but I don’t know if she’s right about the relationship not really being at an end.

    The “experts” above are not all the ones I’ve contacted, but just those I remember.

    There was one gal (I don’t remember her name, dang!) who seemed to connect right off the bat, but we both noticed that the “timer” was running way too fast, so she ended the session and had my money refunded. I was spooked for a few months by that, but it hasn’t seemed to be a problem since. I contacted LivePerson’s (non-existent) support to report this, but heard nothing back. I am not surprised, actually, because they could be up for a class-action suit if they admitted their timer ran too fast!

    It seems that most of the people who’ve posted comments here are people like me who just want some clarity and peace of mind. Reading these posts has been so helpful and I hope mine will help someone else.

  67. E-beth October 21, 2011 1:08 pm

    Postscript: Of the Top 5 Online Psychics listed in the upper left-hand corner of this page (1. Zadalia, 2. Spiritual-Lee Gifted, 3. PatheFinder, 4. Advisor S.F, 5. Readings with Sebastian), only Zadalia is active and not until after 12/20/2011, maybe. Just an FYI.

  68. E-beth October 22, 2011 10:25 am

    One poster here recommended OneIntuitivesoul so I did some research about her, read what she’d posted on Keen and contacted her on LP. She seemed to connect with me, though in the negative 50%, then quit typing mid-word, and never answered the email I sent asking what happened. I’m fed up with LP, in particular, and psychics, in general. I closed my account. And that, is the end of that!

  69. The Online Psychic November 1, 2011 11:06 am

    Hi E-Beth,
    Thanks for letting us know! We try to keep our list up to date but the advisers do not notify us when they stop doing readings. We are now updating our list based on our reader’s comments, reviews from Liveperson and comments from the social networks. Thanks for your input, we really appreciate it!

  70. Vinny November 2, 2011 4:40 am

    I have to admitt i have been addicted to readings for so lon i am ashamed to think about the money i have lost.
    Before LP i had a lot of phone readings, but no one has ever been correct on predictions.
    LivePerson is just a terrible place for asking readings i think i have contacted barely everyone who didn’t have an outrageous rating/min, and i have to say that i am very very disappointed.
    Stay away from live person and from psychics as well, they do not know what they are talking about.

  71. Larry November 19, 2011 2:52 pm

    You know, I had a reading with Lisa Dianne on Keen and was really impressed with her ability to hone in the situation at hand. You may choose to believe in psychics or not. However she was able to tell me a without my supplying any previous knowledge whatsoever a several details that blew me away with their accuracy. These were not just stab in the dark guesses. They were absolutely dead on and detailed. I had not told any previous advisors these detail so notes from others would have been impossible. I received at least 4 or 5 of these pretty astonishing details before she even began the reading that made me feel confident in trying her. Will her predictions come to pass? I don’t know. I guess a lot is up to free will and how I approach things. i will take her advice though. If you’re going the Keen route (she is not cheap_ but at least you will save yourself a lot of money trying to find someone who is on target. these are my own experiences and I know they vary but I did want to share as these forums can be helpful for those who are looking for someone in times of need.

  72. Tonya November 30, 2011 8:48 pm

    I’ve found two readers on LivePerson that helped me the most, and I have tried many of them too. My top psychics are
    AuRa Magic
    Lovers Reunited Magially (she is the real deal) even tho the name is cheesy! I am wearing a ring on my finger to prove what she did for me!

  73. Sally December 2, 2011 12:58 pm

    The only psychics I trust and know for certain are the real deal are Psychic Answers With Lee and Katherine. The rest are very questionable.

  74. Ali December 7, 2011 1:27 am

    You used to have Advisor SF on your list of ‘Top 10 psychics online’. She is now known as The Prediction Queen.

    I’ve contacted her a couple of times and she always seems to get cut off. That is bad, but more recently I was cut off mid-sentence and couldn’t reconnect to her. She didn’t bother answering my email either. I think she lost interest when I started to ask her new things, and she couldn’t just come out with the usual ambiguous reading. I also find it strange how she is online a lot. Does she never sleep, or is there more than one person on her profile? I also tried to give feedback on the reading but it doesn’t show because the reading was less than 5 minutes, maybe that’s why she cut me off!

    On the other-hand Corvus is fantastic. I do feel as though his predictions are fairly accurate, and he is actually a very caring guy.

    Nevertheless, I have wasted far too much money on LP!

  75. Bamboo December 9, 2011 12:57 pm

    I have had reading with Sonia (divine timing) on keen. (and have googled her on liveperson… Which my goodness she expensive!) And yes, she can be very nasty and mean if you question her. Leave her less than 5 stars and she will block you (on keen). I think as a psychic she has horrible boundaries with clients because she email’s you back after a reading that left you hanging or didn’t finish, so you feel like, “well maybe I can email her a question instead of calling” so you feel close to this lady and she calls you her friend. Beware of getting on this lady’s bad side! She makes you feel horrible and threathens you with the FBI. I agree on predictions it’s maybe 65% accurate… And they are far panned out. Not to mention she drags drags DRAGS the conversation. I think she is gifted and psychic but her hostility isn’t worth it!

    There’s also something on keen called a “basher list”. Psychics block clients according to low rating and bashing… (which, I can see there are bashers and crazies) but also feel this get equally abused. Anyone know any insight on that?

  76. jojo December 10, 2011 3:46 am

    I really wished i knew about this before i started my journey on LP..3 months ago i went through alot in my life a death in the fmily …my merriage falling apart and alot of other things not to mention and i tneeded someone to help me i went tp LP boy was i stupied…am just noticing know how i got put myself in more trouble in more financial trouble ofcourse…and with no help..the advisors that i talked to %50 of them had the same answer but none of them panned out..and the other half had the oppesite and i was torn…did not know what to believe…and what made things worse is this person that i was asking about just popped back into my life which they all said he will never be back…
    i spoke with 777….she still pushes time lines
    powerful visions…am not sure about her, she is the one who tols me that he will pop back in my life???and one of her timelines came to pass ..wiating for the next one!
    mystic marshall…whoever asked about him…he is a tricky one…he told me that he will be back but he told me other things …no advisors told me so am not sure about him…i think he has some BS in him though and he told me as well that someone from my past will appear when my divorce will finalize and that was kind of creepy cause it happened but he said alot of other stuff that did not happen…so am not really sure about him!
    master z….just a creep!
    another lady her name i think is yazmine if am not mistaken i think she has something in her but timelines were wrong!
    i had a couple of readings with truth and light…nice guy..nothing came to pass yet…but he keeps pushing things..but he knows stuff i did not tell him about the person am asking about.. i heard about dancing voice that he is good? not sure if anyone had tried him before?!…

  77. jojo December 10, 2011 8:07 am

    and another thing i wanted to add!! i was looking at the reviews for acouple of advisors like 777-maya moon and acouple others they do have the same clients and it is not wierd do not understand me wrong but the same client wrote the same review on the same day !!! word by word…maybe changed it a bit!!! go back and check it out by urself and if it is aloud i will provide the clients name!! and i will share more details!!! this is just making me sick to my stomach right now!! i just feel like a fool!!! it is all a lie… i bet its just the advisors or someone paid to do this!!

  78. Fay December 19, 2011 5:28 pm

    AMBER INTO THE SOUL! I can’t believe no one has commented on her! she is the BEST. I’ve been talking to her on and off since 2009 and when I go over the old transcripts I am SHOCKED at how ALL of her predictions came true. She has made me believe in psychics. She is the ONE!! if you try no one else you must try her! and dont give up your hope on psychics on liveperson before trying her…

    she is truly an angel and I LOVE her! <3

  79. langley45 December 25, 2011 10:44 am

    I was addicted to Liveperson from 2008 until current because of a bad break up and I must say I was tricked out of a lot of money with hopes of reconciliation.I got all of them because I called my cc and disputed all of the transaction and got all of my money back.The site know they r a scam so they wont fight the dispute so my advice is to dispute the trnsactions and get your money back.

  80. disillusioned January 2, 2012 12:33 pm

    I have been using Live Person since 2005 & have spent a ton of money on here. I have had readings with many psychics – spoke to so many early on & then narrowed it down to a few in recent years. Every psychic I consulted told me that my guy and I would get back together; that he’d split with the woman he chose over me and that they’d never marry. They still weren’t living together after 6 years of dating so I felt that these psychics were right. Out of the blue, my guy suddenly married this woman in November. I was devastated. I emailed many of the readers and they all replied that my guy used his free will & went against what was supposed to happen. What a cop out!! These psychics were all ones with 4.99 ratings for accuracy like Alexandra Katharine Wizard Star and Michael DuVal. So why is it that not one of them picked up his marriage? I had 3 indepth readers with one of these psychics in November & she saw him coming back next March and that no marriage was showing for him & her. And yet, at the time, he was preparing for his wedding. So no more psychics for me. I’m going to just let life hand out what is coming to me and trust my gut on all this and spend my money on better things.

  81. N-N January 7, 2012 4:56 pm

    I read with David James and that why it brought me to this site. I do tarot reading but not as a career, so I believe about the freewill can change the outcome. But when I came to psychic reading, I expect them to feel the energy and connect too me and to be able to feel the path that I would be in that certain situation with another person. However, David came too off for me, not really close to the situation. Telling me I’ll see the other person only if I stalk him, and he ignore me completely(when the person just came to see me the day before and we still in contact)
    I know it’s impossible for psychic to connect with every soul and energy but this’s disappointed =(

  82. Tianna January 8, 2012 11:17 am

    I have heard myself yet cannot prove that some psychics/astrologers have a practice of sharing the clients information and have for some time. They email each other and then recommend the client go to them. The wow factor comes into play. I am not saying that’s how it is all the time with everyone but I find it appaulling.

    Don’t let those 5 Star reviews fool you especially when you see one client leaving 50 to 100 of them in one month. Obviously the client is a friend or family member leaving those comments/5 Stars. Even though an Expert charges $20.00 per minute they can drop it down as low as $2.00 per minute before you go into hire. So don’t think that ” client ” paid $20.00 a minute. When you go in for a reading ask them to drop the price if it’s too much and if they won’t don’t go back to them. If they really want to help you and are gifted they will help by lowering their price too. Karma also rewards good deeds and any true spiritual worker knows it is good to give back.

    Any Advisor that is rude or nasty or out of line with you do NOT go back to them.

    If you paid for less than 5 minutes your rating will not show any longer. Only the Advisor can see it. So in order for YOU to see your rating make sure you stay in the room for 5 minutes.

    If an advisor emails you and demands any thing and I do mean ANYTHING.. change your rating , anything… send it to LP with your side of the story and demand something be done. I’ve read many comments on some of the very advisors you have mentioned in here and then some.

    Being on the front page doesn’t make the advisor any more gifted so do click back through the pages until you ” feel ” a connection then click on the profile and read it and ask yourself how you feel about it. Stop, slow down, click through read.. before spending your hard earned money.

    Psychics that have a client review posted as proof of their accuracy I won’t go to because I don’t know if it is a real client that left that review or one of their friends who padded their ratings.

    Psychics that declare they can reunite me and my lover in minutes …. I will not go to.

    Any Advisor that sends me email trying to get me to come back because they have something to tell me … well why didn’t they tell me in the email ? I won’t go back in response to a ploy to get me to pay for a reading I didn’t even feel I needed.

    Any Advisor that cast spells and removes curses or tells me I have a curse on me I will NOT go to.

    Read RipOff Reports search the internet by typing in Psychic Fraud or Keen Fraud or whatever psychic site you want to know about search using that site name & FRAUD…

    I have heard as well that some psychics actually post on sites complaining about other psychics if they feel they are climbing in the ranks and going to take their slot in the front pages so I don’t always trust all I read but when I see any Advisors name come up again and again I do stop and think could it be true.

    Again, the economy is suffering and IF any psychic / astrologer is not willing to lower their price for you click out.

    I haven’t been to too many psychic sites because LP does at least give the first three minutes free and I have a chance to ask can you lower your price please. Listen name a price you can live with no matter what they charge. They have to come to terms or lose your business. A good advisor told me all this and I believe it. During that FREE three minutes if any Advisor asks you to hire immediately say NO… they’ll click out and block you and so what ??? IF they don’t care that you are there because you need help and won’t help by lowering their price at least 2/3 then keep going back in the pages until you find one who will or one that charges what you can afford. Higher prices does NOT mean that advisor is more gifted and more often than not they aren’t. They have somehow gotten themselves to those first three pages that makes you think they are better than the rest.

    I hope this helps some of you.

  83. rob January 9, 2012 2:38 am

    i have been dealing with micheal g ,magenta /me and master z for over a year and i tell you i have had nothing but a good response and kindness seriously try them rob

  84. Rebecca January 9, 2012 12:52 pm

    I have been getting readings for years from Psychic Answers with Lee, and she is wonderful. I can’t recommend her highly enough. I also have found that Katherine, is very nice and honest. David James is over rated in my humble opinion, but OK.

  85. Rebecca January 9, 2012 12:54 pm

    By the way, I believe that Psychic Answer with Lee, used to be Spiritual-Lee Gifted. Not sure why the name change.

  86. H-girl January 11, 2012 7:34 pm

    Agree with comments about David James is just plain nasty and opinionated. He clearly gets his kicks from abusing clients. Liveperson actually gave me a refund. Read into that what you will. Also, avoid Reunites Lovers in Minutes.
    There are some very gifted and genuine psychics out there and they do have to make a living. Sadly, some are there, however, for all the wrong reasons. Take care.

  87. Travis January 21, 2012 6:26 am

    I dont use the site readers but I have a reader who is great she was recommended by a friend years back and shes really not pricey and been accurate for me, the downside is its hard to get an appointment right away shes usually a 2 week wait. I can give the email for contact should anyone want it

  88. bethany January 22, 2012 7:29 pm

    Ok, I have been using LP for a year now and today it stops. I have used numerous psychics, not one of their predictions came to fruition on all matters, work,home, love. Whilst they can be very helpful with advice on how to shore up your strength when you are in a powerless state of mind that is about all you can get.Yes I understand that my free will can change their predictions and spirit has no idea of timeframes so “their March can mean our August” what???! I was supposed to be getting married and my fiancé backed out..but, he kept me hanging on..always making me believe he may come back, so obviously as I believe in psychics and still do I started to rely on LP, I relied too much and spent waaaaay too much money, no-one is to blame for this but myself. I am not going to name and blame anyone on the site as a lot of them were very kind and supportive, but – the basic ‘script’ was the same, which could mean it is true, but I could not help thinking, ok- this is obviously what happens to ALOT of broken hearted people so this is your basic take on the matter. “he is struggling with fear of commitment, he loves you very much – but, he has a lot of things going on at the moment, who is the other person a female energy?” Could be someone in spirit.. he has a kind heart, he is a good man, when he starts to come forward he gets scared so pulls back, but I see him coming late spring.” LATE SPRING PASSED “I see him coming late summer” LATE SUMMER PASSED. “In the fall months, late winter, the festive season, New year, and now late January early Feb” So.. it has been a year, I have now let go of the commitment phobe, and they are still all saying “It’s not over, he will be back” So, to be fair to all these people they may well be right, and whilst I used LP it certainly helped me as I was not ready to face the pain of the horrendous rejection, so I drip fed myself off the man by seeking hope, but the hope only fuelled my denial. I am completely responsible for my actions, I have addictive tendencies and could not control my use of the site. My advice would be to stick to 3 maximum, try a reading once a month, but best once every six months. Let me tell you there are some who speak utter rubbish, get off the clock immediately, go for the ones who offer guidance and proper kind support. All the best, have faith in the Universe, and try Abraham Hicks instead, much more positive!

  89. Dancing Star January 28, 2012 3:53 am

    Oh my. I have spent thousands of dollars looking for answers to my life questions. I have practically gone to 80% of the psychics and can rate them very well.
    I will need to go back and check each and everyone actually I have started a spreadsheet with the dates, expert name and details of reading including timeframes except the $$ as I am already stressed looking at the amount I have spent and keep spending.
    I want to know one thing is that do realy psychic’s need name and dob. Some do and some don’t.
    Keep reading this site as more to come from me. In the meanwhile stop spending.

  90. Dancing Star January 28, 2012 4:29 am

    Ok Here I have some:
    GOLDEN EYE: Expensive and not accurate.
    LADY KATHRYN: accurate – no longer on lp.
    AMBERS LIGHT: time hasnt come to pass yet.
    ESTRELLA3: Not accurate and when you question, does not respond and blocks you.
    VIBRANT SPIRIT: Not accurate with time. Gets you involved in prayers and spending $$.
    PSYCHIC XENORA: Timelines not accurate. Keep giving hopes and similar to VB ask to do prayers $$$.
    PSYCHICLOVE N RELATIONSHIP: Timelines not accurate.
    HOPE RAINES: Not accurate.
    More updates to follow.

  91. Dancing Star January 28, 2012 4:45 am

    As of today. Time has not passed so unable to say for sure good or bad but these experts who have been good in my case. Note most timelines do not pass except for very few.
    KIND, CONSIDERATE CHLOE: Excellent with datestoo. Email reading is great.
    MRS DONNA: This lady has real genuine care and interest in her clients. Time has not come to pass yet therefore unable to say about timelines.
    MORIAH:Her information and visions just flows through.
    AASHU VISONS: Great individual. Not money crazy. Answers to the point. will update you when his predictions pan out. Could do better with the email response. SPIRITUAL GODDESS: Great first reading. Timelines not passed yet.Does not respond to emails in a timely manner.
    RAVENWOLFE TEU: Great with timeframes. No sugar coating and does not waste your money.

  92. JH January 30, 2012 1:55 am

    One person on LP who REALLY didn’t get things right ad was rude when she realised I didn’t rate our first session – then cut the conversation and blocked me – is BREEZY!! I have the whole transcript of our conversation. Very unprofessional! Rip-off as far as ‘psychic abilities’ as well.

  93. Dancing Star January 31, 2012 12:23 pm

    I agree with JH. Breezy is rude and not accurate either.

  94. Dancing Star February 1, 2012 3:23 am

    what about advisors on bitwine. I find some really off base.
    Any suggestions for good advisors on this site?

  95. laura February 1, 2012 11:25 pm

    The predictions DID NOT come to pass :
    Powerful Visions
    Truth and Light
    Ambers Light

  96. FT February 6, 2012 4:01 am

    I have been on LP since 2008, but is more active from 2010 till now (2012). Tried many so-called psychics and met some good ones and tons of bad ones!
    Bad ones:
    BREEZY (inaccurate, hangs up on you when she is exposed)
    David James (inaccurate yet acts like he knows everything)
    Master Enigma (time frames shift all the time, and he always tells you to “relax & enjoy” when obviously I can’t that’s why I needed help from psychics. duh. His messages are so canned and insincere)
    Sahvanna (hit & miss. 50% accuracy, and says it like the real thing when it’s not)
    LarkEden (very polite but not accurate and talk crap)
    Ask Mercy (one of the newer readers, very blunt & confused herself and the client with bad news)

    PREDICTION QUEEN (100% accuracy on situation pickups and predictions for one year already! straightforward with what she can or can’t see)
    SPIRIT AMY (good communication skills, accurate timeframes so far, kind & honest)
    DANIELLE, Psychic Guidance (reads people amazingly well. not so good on predictions or reading the future though)
    TAROT ANDREW (one of the best & kindest & accurate tarot readers ever. very humourous and amazingly I always feel more lightened up after chatting with him. Do note that tarot cards are not the most accurate tool of predictions, as outcomes can always change.)

  97. DS February 7, 2012 4:03 pm

    Victoria Love: Timings off.Promise of providing remedies but when you try to contact her she does not accept your call.
    Esoteric.Love: Similar experience says to come back for a detailed free reading and then when you try does not accept or vanishes from sight for a while.
    Carla Curlee: Kind of strange reading. Not consistent. Denies if questioned.
    Psyhic Victory: OK this one is supposed to be great with excellent reviews but in my case was off base for a few things plus some timings were off though she did nail a few things.
    Bryan Rawls: Weird reading.
    Matt Allen: Is honest if there is no connection and will also recommend other readers.
    Chrisalis: Very patient and detailed. Nice reading.

  98. DS February 7, 2012 4:47 pm

    Mondez Durden: Good will not waste your money.
    Hailey Star: OK
    Kathy Keel: Good. Waits for connection and then starts charging.
    Lady Kathryn: Very good.
    Madea-Michelle: Very good.Excellent when responding to your emails.
    Terrence: OK but if you start questioning then blocks you.
    Dancing voice: Does not accept all calls for some reason.
    Jamey: No connection.
    Cindy S: Good connection.

  99. DS February 9, 2012 1:33 pm

    You can see by my experience I have tried so many and the one I was most disappointed was TERRY NAZON the famous astrologer.
    Her timeframes were totally off.
    Her charges are pretty high but not sure if she really makes effort or just flies through the reading.
    In my case it did not come to pass and when I asked her about it she says to make another appointment for the reading. That means I have to pay her for another wrong reading…right.

  100. Speea February 12, 2012 5:28 am

    BrazilianStar1 (latinstar9)
    3 readings in 3 months and all were different. The first and the last reading were totally opposite. So not sure how this happens. Anyway, asking for clarification via email you get no reply. Try and contact her while she is online she blocks or refuses to accept your call.

  101. Sonny Phan February 26, 2012 4:15 am

    I spent $100 on Powerful Visions and man, she almost ruined my relationship with awful prediction. If you have financial problems, save your money, it’d help with your financial problems. If you have relationships issues, buy him/her flowers, take them to dinner. I felt lie this is the worst mistake I made by listen to some one who’s out there to scam me of money.

  102. Jeff February 28, 2012 10:03 pm

    Hi Dancing star, in terms of bitwine, I’m still at the trial and error phase myself. I know you want to know about the accuracy of prediction. I can tell you Lady Kathryn is working on bitwine. I trust her. The other two readers I go would be Shelley Lee and Psychic advisor Eve.

  103. Karina11 March 16, 2012 8:40 am

    I’m surprised at all the negative comments about David James. He is the only person I use on Live Person. I have never found him rude but he will tell things like they are which is what you want as you want to know the truth about the situation. Of course he doesn’t always get it 100% right because free will can alter the situation and no-one can know the future completely. I think some people are negative towards him because they are not told what they want to hear.

  104. Lisa March 27, 2012 1:08 am

    I have used liveperson and found psychic andrew tarot to be very accurate and nice to boot. I also had reads with psychic beth and all she does is tell you to be positive and what you want will come to you lol. I tried raven and she and her twin sister avalon are both very accurate were on liveperson now bitwine I think. Mspeg is also very gifted and helps you in anyway she can. if the ones I had good luck with don’t feel a connection they will not let you hire and tell you to try later that is honesty what I like.

  105. H-girl January 18, 2013 6:14 am

    My experience has been identical to that of bethany on Janaury 2012.

    I’ve consulted various so-called psychics on Liveperson over the last year and I can safely report that NOT ONE OF THEIR PREDICTIONS – good or bad – have happened. There are good psychics (and I have come across them) but not here. I needed clarity at a difficult time and am not someone who just wants to hear what I want to hear (I am also professionally interested in alternative forms of support for people at difficult times so paid special attention). Instead I have been fed false predictions (good and bad) and constantly extended time-frames, ‘honest and blunt’ readings that are negative primarily to avoid liability rather than because they necessarily true, and personal abuse from some psychics when I have truthfully rated their service and it was less then 5 stars. When predictions haven’t happened I have been told (1) that everyone has free will (so why on earth give me a prediction in the first place then if it might well change if the other/s involved are liable to do the opposite?); (2) [ignoring that I have pointed out that the prediction hasn't happened] that the other person/situation is still undergoing huge changes and I just have to wait (well, why tell me something was going to happen in a week, 10 days etc, in the first place then?); (3) that the predicted situtation/contact should be happening and that those involved want it to happen it’s just that something/someone is preventing them (what a cop out!). In short, if oen is not careful, they create a dependency, holding out hope that something will happen or confusing you so much that you keep going back for clarity change which will leave you more emotionally and financially worse off than ever and their bank accounts rather fuller at your expense.
    The fact that some psychic refuse, often quite rudely, to read for you when you first contact them also tends to suggest that some of the Liveperson psychics do share information/have multiple profiles which is illegal and unethical given the confidentiality assurance. Also, I have noticed that when it becomes clear that a psychic has given false/wrong predictions often lots of reviews about their predictions all coming true from regular raters tend to suspiciously appear in their ratings within a few hours (?).
    If you need to, go to a trusted face-to-face psychic for the sake of your psychological and financial health!

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